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I Took a Little Tumble...


...and fell off the second-story trying to climb back in my window. 4 times. Now, thank God, the bushes underneath my window were able to break my fall. However, the third time I fell off, I landed straight on my ass. For a couple of seconds, I couldn't even breathe. Hell, I thought I was paralyzed. But anyways, to make a long story short, I sucked it up, and after one more attempt, made it back into my window. Today, I have excruciating pain in my lower back (obviously). I am almost certain that this is due to the decompression of several vertebrae which most likely occurred after I fell. So, I was wondering, is there anything I can do (stretches, etc) to help decompress my spine? Thanks in advance.


why were you climbing up to your window...


Well, I snuck out by going out the window, so I needed a way to get back in.


stop drinking.


Hang from a pull up bar.


I considered that


when I was twelve I snuck out to go to the bar that said GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS


If you fell 2 stories directly onto your ass, you very well may have damaged your tailbone. You might consider getting it checked by a professional.


THANK YOU SIR. that sounds like legit advice I appreciate it.


I've damaged by tailbone before. It isn't that kind of pain. I really only have pain when I try to fully extend my back (for example standing straight up) or something like bending to pick something up. No pain while sitting.


i snuck out once or twice.

6th grade was a grand year.


Similar to the hanging advice. You can sit at a lat pulldown, hang on to the bar with a moderate amount of weight and let it "pull" you up while keeping your knees under the pads.


Hanging from a pullup bar works, but works better if you use lifting straps. Longer hang time because grip isn't an issue. Also, see a doctor, jeez.


fool me once, shame on you......fool me 4 times and I must be fucking retarded.


X2 and shoot for at least 4-5 minutes of hang time. Every ones spine compresses some from heaving lifting squats and shit like that. I do bird dogs, warrior lunges and those hangs from the pullup bar from time to time. I also do that extreme lat stretch touted by Dante and I imagine it helps some with stretching out any compression


I'll give it a try.