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I thought you could use a laugh

I thought you could use a laugh:There I was, standing
on line at my local discount supplement shop, getting
ready to purchase my monthly ration of BCAA powder.
In waddles a woman… late 20’s; 5’ 2"; 180 lbs; “hobbit”
might be an accurate description. She addresses the
manager in an exasperated yet squeaky tone, sounding eerily similar to Lisa Simpson (Homer’s daughter): “Donna, I don’t get it; I don’t do any exercise at all… I eat whatever I want, but no matter what I take (referring to supps) I just can’t seem to lose any weight!!!” Then she turns around, looks at me (not noticing that I’m repeatedly bashing a canister of muscle preserving BCAA’s over my head) and says to me, "Looks like you’re in decent shape; what do you think…? I shake my head, dumbfounded, and reply, "It is my regret to inform you that we are “doomed as a species!”

Do people really believe that supplements alone are a magic elixir? Yes, sad to say, they probably do, and that this sad soul is just another deluded convert of the "quick fix." How many of you have had a similar experience? - "I see stupid people all the time; they're everywhere...!"

Are joking? Half the people on this forum are probably like that to some degree! ‘Hey I’m 20 & I’ve only been training for a couple years what kind of Androsol/Mag 10/M dosages should I be getting?’. Brooks Kubik is right. Most people don’t even have a sense of what real serious hard work is.

wow… maybe this is why muscle heads are so damn dumb (I know I am)… we go to these stores to buy supps and we come out a few iq’s short of insert something witty and funny here from the ol’ bashing the head on the tub of protein deal. T-mag staff gets their supps from biotest shipped direct I aso that is how they retain their smarts or so I would think were I smarter.

Yes, people are indeed that stupid now - and lazy. They believe that a diet of Lean Cuisines coupled with nightly “workouts” using their “electrostimulator” ab machines and dowing a whole handful of “carb blockers” will help them lose the 50lbs that has been a part of them for umpteen years. Sad, but true. People are that stupid. And lazy.

i worked at a GNC a few years ago. because of people like this i didnt stay very long. It is absolutely amazing that people believe advertisements that tell you how product X will make you a lean muscular stud in two weeks and such. your average out of shape loser does not want to hear that you need to work hard to achieve any kind of impressive physique.

yeah it gets me when teens come up and say man i need to get some roids…i am like what the fuck…i ask em about their diet…they just look at me dumb founded…like what does that have to do with it…oh lord

Yes, for some reason people think supplements are wonder drugs. I work at a supplement store and its ridiculous what people think supplements will do. I get these newbies coming all the time asking “Hey man what can I take to get me swole”. I’ll say something like “Well, it’s not something that happens over night. Eating clean calories and protein around the clock along with a creatine supplement.” These newbies just cringe and make faces of pain and agony when I tell them that sort of thing. Then they get a look at the prohormones and start asking questions about them, such as “Hey man I heard this stuff will make you swole.” I then reply with something refering back to the protein supplements, but they just don’t want any of that. Remember fellow Testosteronians, their called “Supplements” for a reason.

Hey, I like that “Testosteronians”. Made me fee like I should be wearing a purple Roman robe. he he he

Thank you sweetheart! Leans back in his chair and folds hands behind head I consider us members of the “T-Nation” an elite, far superior group of people! :slight_smile:

Have really enjoyed all the replies: Like tornado and Dustin, I worked in supplement retail 14 years back. The “miracle products” have changed, but the
uninformed “numbskulls” buying them have remained
the same… except that they seem to be a bit younger
now!? The thing that surprised me the most (as a
supplement retailer) was that these “sheeple” hadn’t
the faintest idea what they were buying. Our store
dress code required us to wear a white lab coat, which gave the customers the impression that we actually knew something. And boy did it work. Those poor fools would have purchased encapsulated “cat turds” if we told them it would help them lose weight without
dieting and exercise. Yes, Patricia,“stupid and lazy” best sums them up!

P.S. It may have been understandable 14 years ago
why people were so ill-informed, but today, with web
sites like T-Mag and all the other great info that’s
out there… I just don’t get it!

No prob, Dustin. Y’know I would be all for educating all them “sheeple” (I like that one, too!) - but I’ve been weight training for almost 20-years now and have been physically active all my life and have learned a LONG time ago that I needed to be knowlegeable and responsible for my health and well-being. Unlike these people - who cry that they’re being fat is due to genetics or are predisposed to carry a large amount of fat cells…blah, blah, blah…Another thing I’ve heard said among alot of young people as they search frantically for that “miracle pill” is that since the bodybuilders and pro athletes are big, muscular, and whatever else - it’s all due to the drugs they’re taking and that’s the number one reason why they’re where they’re at - so what’s wrong with relying on supplements or some pill? Yep, these youngins’ are lookin’ for the easy way out. They don’t realize that yes, while most pro athletes (and top amatuers) are taking drugs to some extent - that it still takes hard work and commitment to get where they’re at. And for the average person - it does take some nutrition knowledge to smartly lose even just 5-pounds. And y’know it always happens in the gym - some newbie comes over and asks me how do I stay in such shape - I can see the look in their eyse - hoping that I tell them that it’s from my diet of salads, carb blockers and SlimFast shakes and gosh, it took me just 6-months to lose 50lbs! - but the hope dims from their eyes when they see my boyfriend load up the bench with 160lbs as I prepare for my first set - and I tell them I’ve been doing this for 19-years - and don’t ever plan to stop. And I let them know - “be committed - for life…” - oooh, they hate that. SO with that being said - the best I can say and do for these lazy-assed people is just keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully I’ll inspire by my actions…hopefully.

If someone wants to get big as hell but doesn’t have the passion for lifting, then they don’t deserve to get big as hell. Shit, I think lifting is one of the funnest things in the world, I’ve been wanting to lift since I was little bastard watching Schwarzenegger flicks like “Commando”. It is a sad sad world.

I heard that if you eat nothing but veggie subways, you’ll be skinny as a rail, look good and feel great. This is true isn’t it? Actually there was a guy at the gym who would go on spinich and beer diets. Nothing but spinich and beer. He thought it was great. Obviously, he looked like shit, but I could not argue with the diet plan…I’d skip the spinich though.

I have a classic example.In my home town,the owner of the gym doesn’t know ANYTHING about the gym,weightloss,etc,…the sign outside the gym reads “need to lose weight???buy Hydroxycut”.Not only does this make me want to put my face throught bullet proof glass,but I’d say 2 out of 3 don’t even go to the gym.Then I hear these peole talking about how the stack doesn’t work.People always ask my sister how she lost so much weight(70 lbs in 8 months),and she always says “you HAVE to eat 6 times a day”.She never even took the ECA stack for the first 3 months.

Just yesterday I was in line at the local Giant supermarket with my weekly purchase of 28 cans of tuna and whole wheat bread. I am in line behind a lady like the one Joey Z. describes. With this lady is an older lady, looked like the “Hobbit’s” mother. Mom asks the Hobbit about FOUR boxes of a Muselix type cereal Hobbit is purchasing. (The boxes read “LeanOne” or something similar, I don’t remember exactly.) Anyway, Hobbit replies to Mom that the cereal is suppossed to help lose weight! I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for her or stone her with my tuna for being so ignorant!

Some more strong thoughts by my fellow “Testosteronians” (thanks Dustin). It seems we all hear the same tripe: Wow, you look great, how can I be like you… while living “my” present slovenly life-style; what kind of pill can I take…? Until they understand the passion and commitment entailed
in “our” life-style, they’ll keep slamming down Slim Fast, and ordering “abb-thingys” from QVC … and asking us what kind of fill in the blank are “we”
taking! HercUnchained: Some very funny shit! BTW - Oops, I forgot to mention … “hobbits” usually travel
in pairs.

I mentally shut off anyone who starts a statement with, "if you are really serious about muscle gains, working out, losing fat (or whever fills in the _______.) use must such and so a powder, pill, or whatever. My philosophy of supplements are they are good with serious training.

Man on your last response i think you said P.S. It may have been understandable 14 years ago why people were so ill-informed, but today, with web sites like T-Mag and all the other great info that’s out there… I just don’t get it.

WEll dude I think what it boils down to is this…people are just lazy as i am sure you know…and to understand something like weight training and nutrition takes definitely lots of reading…heaven forbid people get off their ass and stop watching tv and go read a book…oh no not that…then people wonder why kids dont perform academically(forgive the spelling i am shooting myself in the foot as we speak lol) well kids dont perform well i think mainly cuz they dont have a good work ethic…most kids dont even study…i mean its just lazyness…thats what sums it up in my opinion