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I Thought I'd Say Thanks

Ive been lurking around this site for quite a while now… about a year; and have finally decided to sign up. The wealth of information I found here has enabled me to go from 15,114lbs,5ft8,12%BF To 16,166lbs,5ft10,10% BF in a little over a year; although i know a lot of the weight gain would have happened anyway as I am still growing.

I decided to finally post as i made my way to a gym for the first time today. Everything I had achieved had been done by improvising, or just using my own bodyweight. Such as my bunk-bed for pullups, hindu pushups, calf rasising off a collins word-finder, and using lead weights in a rucksack whilst squatting. You may wonder why I did this, but it’s hard to be that self confident about going to a gym at 114lbs; toppling over in the squat rack. That’s if there was one. Being from the UK is a huge disadvantage. The furthest weight training goes in most gyms is a set of 40lb dumbbels; sandwiched in a corner next to twenty stationery bikes. This is why I had to go on an hours bus journey, to the nearest, proper, “gym,” but damn i felt good for it. Tis a shame that it’s going to be a commitment ill struggle to make afterschool, but ive always got my rucksack, a brain and if that fails me, a wordfinder!

My experience, and what ive learned on T-Nation has really put pay to the fact that its 80% about nutrition. Heck I don’t even know how much I can squat, deadlift, or bench press. But I do EAT, and eat some more. So thanks a lot you guys for enhancing my self confidence no-end.


On behalf of everyone here, you’re welcome!

We greet you at the beginning of a great, hopefully life-long, pursuit,

Congrats on your progress so far - not just physical, but mental. Circumstances can cause priorities to shift over the years, but with your new knowledge and mindset, you’ll always be strong and healthy.

Sorry to hear that there isn’t a decent gym short of an hour bus ride, but hey, big heavy rocks are free :slight_smile: And the weighted backpack will serve you well when you can’t get out there.

Stay strong-


Hang in there! It could be worse.

Stay strong.