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I Thought I Was Strong!!!


I heard about this clip its incredible. I cant wait to hear someone ask about how much he can bench.

Holy repost batman!!!



i’ll put 10bucks on a 2.5x BW bench.

oh yea, he can overhead press at LEAST bodyweight :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw this video awhile back and was amazed as well. One of my friends who is into this shit told me something else about this guy. I guess is he can’t really use his legs all that much (disability), which makes it even crazier to digest.

Holy s@*t!!! That was impressive!

I think I just got served

[quote]Soco wrote:
I think I just got served[/quote]


those pushups were absolutely incredible at the end. i cant even begin to imagine how he does that. awesome video

Check it out:


He has some more really inspiring videos on his site. I think that his dancing is an accurate way to explain to people what I mean when I say that one of my goals is to have good control of my body.

Damn impressive.