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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam


you nee that extra crowteen!



@carbiduis sorry, can’t figure out how to paste on tablet.


Looks like a sumo deadlifter. A barefoot, tight wearing sumo deadlifter.

Does this make him more or less hardcore and cool?


I drink it every morning, so I can fight like a crow!


I dunno. I haven’t been down with the cool pl gear since they quit using fluorescent colors.

Big mistake IMHO.


Psssh no way Rollins is pulling sumo. You need context, this is his song "ooooh, I pull sumo because I’m a big cheat ", thisis how he sings it with the posing.

Funny story (maybe lol), I went to a Henry Rollins live reading, in the 90s. Had front row seats. We were 10 minutes late. The usher looks at our ticket and colour literally leaves her face. She says, you can’t have these seats. He hates people coming in late, he will lose it.

We had to be snuck into the back while he was looking away lol


The metal jack line still has you covered.



I’m gonna need some fancy rods and screws too if I ever try pl’ing again!

I wouldn’t have to forfeit my natty status over that, would I?


Well, there is some truth to this thread considering Zyzz, Jeff Seid, and other so-called natties like Skip Lacour, Jeff Willett, and Kiyoshi and assorted social-media goons are and were not natural.

The rest of the post is silly… and funny.:joy:


Was it a black flag concert? wait derp black flag disbanded in the 80s


yeah I was thinking the same… OP shitting on Natural BB and using the worst possible examples for his arguments.


I’ve read his work. He has a really good podcast too, which he talks about his teenage years and how he began working out. Henry Rollins podcast - Mr. Pepperman


I’ll be 54 in a few weeks and I’m starting to count lifts as PRs if they’re not going backwards :smile:

I find it frustrating as hell but to @antiquity point, you only have to look around at the condition of many people our age to find it somewhat worthwhile. What I wonder though is how people feel. I look good but feel beat up and achy as shit. What do people feel like who have pulled the rip cord on aging and letting go? Do they feel better or worse?


I work with a guy whose around 50 years of age and he weighs close to 320. He dropped from 365 to 310 to have a partial knee replacement.

Prior to his surgery his wife told me he didn’t like to do anything because it hurt. She’d want to go on vacation and he’d just sit around. His misery was rubbing off on her.

I’d like to think that we’re all beat up. I guess we just have the choice about how we get there.


I think this is an important point. I really prioritize training and eating to feel better overall and improve performance, and the “looks” aspect of it takes care of itself. Here are some things I’ve found that help:

  1. Do the little things. Mobility each day, take a yoga class once a week, and keep up conditioning. These don’t take long or a big emphasis, but they really add up as you get older. Walk a lot, and get outside.
  2. Do higher rep squats (sets of 10 or more) and lower rep deadlifts (2’s). You can push these pretty hard, but heavy low rep squats and high rep deadlifts really catch up to you as you get older.
  3. If something hurts or makes you achy, don’t do it. I’m learning this the hard way right now with my elbow. I simply can’t do pull ups right now without elbow pain, and pull ups have been my bread and butter for so long.
  4. Found your queues. For me, it’s sports. Once I start to lose my motivation or competitive edge, I know I’m pushing things too hard in my training. I’ll take an extra day of the next couple of weeks.


My father in law is 76 and flat out refuses to do anything active, like go for a walk. Drives me nuts. He’s starting to round over like Mr. Burns.


Me and a few friends that lift and are somewhat active may have a few bumps and bruises, but over all in pretty decent shape at late 40’s early to mid 50’s.

On the other hand, some others I know in the same age bracket that are sedentary, habitual drinkers/partiers are pretty much wrecked. Like no comparison. Liver problems, heart, diabetes, bad joints and back for no reason, stuff like that.

I’m pretty sure at this point that it pays off in the long run.


My dad spent 95% of the time I knew him sitting down. He didn’t have me til he was 50 and he died at 72, when I was 22, with several heart attacks throughout his life, and kidney failure, heart disease, gout, and heart failure, most of which he didn’t tell us about. He was a brilliant scientist, but now my mom, 10 years his junior, has a possible 30 years of life without her partner. That’s why I had my kids at 25 and stay active. Long life with them.

Also, having worked at a PT clinic for a while, two things are certain: people who stop moving die quickly, and if you’re gonna get old don’t be fat. Ever seen a really fat 80 year old? I haven’t, they all died years before.


Have to admit, I corrected my posture after reading this haha


I’ve already told my wife that I’m hanging around until the kids are out of school and that’s me done. I’m not sure how I arrange for this to happen lol