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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam


Pretty sure Chris’ll Just lock these threads now


I will say this: you can look at people who have what you want, whether it’s their physique, their job or whatever, and you can either be miserable and bitter that they have it and you don’t, or you can be happy for them and concentrate on improving your own life.

If you can be the latter then you will be a much happier person I general than the fat embittered douche crying on the internet about how unfair life is.

Laugh, and the world laughs with you…


I’m so glad I’ve caused this much pain and bitterness to the underprivileged since I was 20 just by existing. Threads like this are like a lifetime achievement award for me. WINNING!



Intensity, consistency, and years of repeating. Everyone knows I think all the latest programs are BS. The top pros have been doing the same exercises forever, nothing special from the latest author, just leaving it all under the bar.

Yates - never changed his program much in his entire career.
Ray-does “the same exercises as you”



It was at this moment I realized Zzyz isn’t @SkyzykS. Lmao!


What has pushed me over the years is focusing on something different. For example, 8-10 years ago I wanted to be able to do muscle ups for reps and pistol squats for reps. I hadn’t worked on those before, so in a way you can have “newbie” gains when shifting gears even with years of training. The last few years I’ve focused more on squats and BP, and beaten numbers from my 20’s because I just kinda went into the gym and screwed around back then.

I have taken up yoga over the last 5 years, and recently beat a PR on a half marathon. Personally, having rotating “performance”-based goals (as opposed to aesthetics) keeps me motivated. Doing a front lever or holding an L sit; doing a 5K at record time; doing hand stand push ups; doing ring muscle ups, etc…


Has it occurred to you that social media didn’t exist 20 years ago. It might just be the norm for you but we now have instant access to billions of people and their IG pages. What you’re seeing could still be a rarity, but the ease of access makes it seem normal (or at least more common) because you see it all day, every day.


If someone started a thread lamenting that they couldn’t achieve what I did naturally I’d hang it up and leave the interwebs.


I smell a banhammer in the mist…


Hope not . Like to see now far the rabbit hole this thread will go .


You gotta be from Krypton, and live on a planet that has a yellow sun for radiation to give you super powers. Dats da rules brah. Lol


Eh, I dunno. I think any time a human gets completely saturated with a substance they become imbued with a super power.

Like dudes that drink 25 beers and suddenly know kung fu. Not exactly a “super power” but you get my drift. Its definitely substance dependant.

Radiation from yellow star > 25 beers.


image https://media.giphy.com/media/L4TYWQn8rALRu/giphy.gif


Like that guy from Beerfest who gets better at beer pong the more drunk he becomes? Lol


Danzig, Henry Rollins and Zakk Wylde are the biggest singers iirc


:+1:Two very good picks ! Have you ever seen the poem Henry wrote regarding lifting ?


Who’s Barry Badrinath? Who’s Barry Badrinath?..


“I was in Thailand playing Ping Pong In Ding Dang.” Lol


I bet I could draw a picture of Jimmy page in his Heroin & Vegetarian era that would make him look like Eros Sammartino. Everyones Genetics are excellent…in a drawing…done by a fan.


There are plenty of fat black guys in the US aswell, your logic is flawed.

The reason of the fatness in the US is due to terrible dietary choices and lifestyle.