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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam


No, our Doping room is a normal room where People are giving injections to eachother

im not fucking kidding


Sounds exciting. Are you ever invited tho?


I dont have any Hormones

they also wont sell them


Is it just me who pictures OP sitting in a doping room, utterly seething at the ‘hypocrisy’ of bodybuilding :joy:


I think you mean balls, but sure, hormones


Instead of offering money, try offering your ass. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.


….Is busting his ass straight for 15 years naturally with a perfect diet and Routine, only to look like a non-lifter in a t Shirt?

Im seriosly starting to believe that almost everyone is roiding hard, and yes there are exceptions but you CANT Claim that there are so many genetically gifted guys who can build 40lbs of muscle within 1-3 years

The first guy is busting his ass every day to Keep his physique, he Counts every gram of carb twice straight for 15 years along with heavy Lifting

But he still Looks like shit compared to These Youngsters:

This is straight bullshit and Nothing else, People with exceptional genetics are extremly rare, everyone of These narcissistic skanks are taking some orals along with their breakfast

…while claiming “muh genetics brah”

The human Body isnt made to carry such amounts of muscle mass along with such a low bodyfat

so i guess that the Bodybuilding Scene is to 95% full of roidheads who constantly Need the ego push of claiming to be a natural beast

Just fucking lol


I don’t know, but I’m convinced it has something to do with the pyramids


Stop crying about it bitch tits.


Counting every carb twice for 15 years straight sounds like a fucking jail sentence in all honesty :roll_eyes:


Most peoples perception of what hard and intelligent training is, is wrong. I thought I was doing both for years in hindsight. Actually I wasted an easy 5 years spinning my wheels, listening to the wrong people, making excuses because I didn’t look like the guys I was trying to emulate did…

OP: your examples aren’t the best people to look up to, and obviously your own deluded impression of how hard you’ve been working is very off. Sure not everyone can look like some of the best, but everyone can improve. Couple that with years invested and you get something worthwhile.

Can you stop making so many threads whining about the same thing now?



OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!! This is getting old…


Well then, which Kind of Training is Right according to your experience?


Have you tried ARX leg press?


If you believe that none of this is managable without steroids, surely your options are:

  • stop trying
  • take steroids

That’s a pretty simple decision that you can make with minimal fuss. Why do we need to go through this grizzling?


because im so pissed at all These guys who are blaming everything on bad Nutrition or Training

while in reality it is only a matter of genetics/hormones


Have you tried not getting pissed off at it?


But i have a fucking Right to be pissed at the hypocrisy of Bodybuilding

im one of These Boys who grown up believing that physiques like the one of zyzz are naturally attainable


Would you prefer being angry at something you can’t change and forever being frustrated or just getting on with your life and using that energy for something productive?

I assure you won’t care about this in your 50s.


Hate to break it to you but anyone whom has been at it for awhile will tell you except the cards you have been given. Either you play that hand or you fold and leave the game. For the record not everyone here views Zzyz as some god more like overrated next to some actual competitive bodybuilders.