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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam


you’re doing it wrong. You are supposed to radiate the animal not yourself, then let it bite you. duh.

Side note, wouldn’t it suck if that was the case, but instead of a radio active spider that bites you it was like a maylfy?


So if the Hulk bites someone, they become Hulkman?

Wait…is that how Hulk Hogan happened? Did Lou Ferrigno bite Terry Bollea? I have so many questions.


I’d want to get bit by one of those little jumping spiders.

It would be awesome to just jump over houses & stuff.


New idea. OP exposes someone with wide clavicles to gamma rays, then has it bite him. Problem solved.


I just wanted to say that I would TOTALLY watch a Spiderman reboot where Peter Parker gets bit by a radioactive spider and then just dies of cancer for 90 minutes before the credits roll.


I feel uncomfortable “liking” this, but I did actually laugh out loud. What to do?


I thought that was the plot of Spider-Man 3, but now I think it was just me dying.


He would spend 85 of those minutes complaining about how his genetics didn’t allow him to become a superhero and instead have led to his death.

I’d like to say I wouldn’t watch but I keep reading these train wreck threads so I most likely would watch.


you guys have seen the pictures the OP posted, yeah? Before he starts worrying about how he can’t look like a professional bodybuilder, he needs to start worrying about how not to look like a fat turd.


you mean this ?

Not getting his whole Ectomorph thing… looking at this pick im seeing more endomorphic traits .


Just a dude who has a long way to go before worrying about whether or not he can look like a bodybuider


And am I the only one who’d like to know the specifics of the “doping room”?

Not that I think it’s even a real thing. Fairly certain it’s a troll thread.


For real. I hear these claims of cardio and I’m like “What cardio? Tying a shoe? Walking up a step?”.



I don’t know. Look how huge he is compared to that Christmas tree. I’m guessing 6’5" and a solid 240 lbs.

Also, I hope he doesn’t work at NBC. Megyn Kelly just got fired for a very similar reason.


I’d assume it’s like a safe injecting centre but instead of doctors overseeing things, they have bros. There is probably a straitjacket you must wear incase you hulk up and go roid crazy. There’s probably also a creepy guy who hangs around with a towel, ready to pat you dry whether you request it or not.

I assume they also have all the gay4pay infrastructure ready to go if that’s your game.

Plus leaflets and support services incase you decide to stop being a dirty, cheating hypocrite.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the makeup artist to apply makeup in a way that makes your chin look narrower to throw off those natty detectives.


Do you ever feel like you train your ass off just to battle time and aging? Is it considered success to remain the same while most people around you fall apart?

I sometimes think that’s the reality of my training. I’ve been training consistently for 17 years. My big gains were in the first few years but since then I’ve just lived through waves of ups and downs.

I spent the first half of this year battling back to where I was last year. But I’ve realized the people around me are in worse shape than they were last year.

It’s like progress is actually maintenance. Maintenance is falling apart. And falling apart earns you a handicap parking placard.


Mother nature and father time are undefeated.

But I’m sure maintenance is enough to keep us going.


I’m hoping it’s a place where you get to snort crushed dbol off a stripper’s ass.


The doping is room is prolly the room where all the cool guys smoke pot and shit, but they won’t let him in because he’s probably a scrub and will prolly tell on everyone.


when i was 106 kgs in 2014, i thought i was big and muscular.
then i opened a thread here about how little detail i had when i hit a rear double biceps pose.
the replies about how fat i was felt harsh at first but actually it was just a wake up call.
then i started dieting and got down to 73 kgs. now i have all the details i want. i have 100s of photos where i have clear sixpack abs to show my son ( currently in his mother’s womb ) in the future :slight_smile:
long story short, people have to sit down and think if they did all it takes to reach their goals first before whining about genetics or life being unfair.