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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam


Try roids. dont be pissed. try it see how well they work


Bah. Stop whining. Even if you take all the roids in the world, you won’t look as good as me cos I have a pretty face.


I’m here! Ok I am slightly confused… Is ranting about drug use again or guys with better genetics than himself?


YIKES! You see my point? With a face like that, what’s the point of lifting? He shouldn’t be encouraging people to look at him in the first place. Sure, he’ll get people to notice the pecs first, then the arms, then delts… Then they’ll look up a little higher and go, “OMG! IT’S AN UNHOLY ABOMINATION! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!”

What he should do is study really hard and make a lot of money in order to attract chicks so he doesn’t stay a virgin for life.


We’ve arrived at the stage where “fairness” has become the main topic. Next up will be the stage where you can’t post pics of yourself because you’ll be shaming less privileged people.


If memory serves the OP been in the gym a whole 1.5 years . My view point is that he hasnt earned the privilege to rant on the subject yet.


probably… I am still waiting from the last thread for him to respond to the three picks I posted .


hold it ! in another thread you said you had been only lifting for 1.5 years. Thats not a couple years…


Bass on his other posts he is either a troll or someone with some mental issues in relation to his sense of self worth. Well I guess that applies to both scenarios.

Either way we should probably stop feeding this particular troll.


I am pissed at Marvel comics. I have been exposing myself to radiation for years: where are my super powers?


A gym with a doping room! That’s pretty cool.


Here’s the truth: I’m in my mid-40’s and training consistently for a long time allows me to:

  • Run a sub 20 min 5K
  • Do 20+ pull ups
  • Play sports/activities whenever I want with much younger dudes
  • DL more than twice my weight, and BP 225 for 10 reps.
  • Still wear the same size pants I wore in college.
  • Compared to my age group who didn’t/don’t train, look very strong and fit.

There is never a day in my life where I’ve thought “Dammit, I wish I didn’t waste my time training because I was deceived in believing I would look like Mr. Olympia. Look how lucky Bob in accounting is, with his beer belly and wheezing when he types, who never bought into the BS and wasted his time with training and nutrition.”


I don’t even know what to say about this one. I’m just shaking my head, chuckling a bit, and shedding a tear for how deluded, bitter, and pathetic some people are. I too when I saw my very first natural bodybuilding show way back in 2006 thought they were all full of shit, they looked so much better than I did. Of course I THOUGHT I trained hard, I THOUGHT I knew what I was doing, and I THOUGHT that anyone better than me must be on steroids…

What I eventually learned:

  • Being crazy lean makes you look bigger and incredibly better
    -Most natural pros weighed next to nothing
    -With my genetics, it took me longer than most to develop a champion level physique
    -When I finally reached pro level, everyone started talking about how my genetics were amazing, totally discounting that I had trained for 15 years before my first contest!

Threads like this are just sad IMO.



Yeah, you probably have a point.


Damn all that exposure and all you have to show for it, is a future case of cancer.


I always thought that was stall #2


But does it have a glory hole?


Then do the right thing. Stay just the way you are. Quit lifting weights and keep energy expenditure to a minimum. Start packing down the weiner schnitzel (chug 'em whole if thats your thing. We all know that it is).

Be honest and ethical. When people ask how you managed to avoid such an amazing physique you can be proud to tell them exactly how you didn’t.


With enough Deca in the doping room, you don’t need one.


Oh god I’m curious enough to have to Google about deca now