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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam


Natural this is what i look like in super lean condition and i’m not even black


So much muscle? I see a lanky guy with some Muscle who is very lean. I see countless high school kids who look just like this every day.

With such skinny legs I’d wager he’s closer to 150 than 180

Definitely a good look and a cool video but I wouldn’t hold him as a bodybuilding goal. A physique goal? Sure, but not a bodybuilder.



Wait so now people with good genetics aren’t natural?


Black genetics is a myth largely sold in the US.


No it’s not. If you studied American history about slavery you would know they were breed like race horses and bulls. Survival of the fittest. Why do you think their are so many white men that are fat and stupid these days? For the same reason. The weak were never culled. Bad genes stay in the pool. We send our strongest and bravest to war and the weak stay home and breed. We are doomed.


I like how these troll posts are crafted. Subtle use of key words and concepts like “privilege” designed to piss off people who worked for what they have.

Very good. 8/10


Some stay at home with bone spurs and become potus.

Their was a documentary about slavery and only the strongest surviving, linking it to afro-caribean sprinters. However, I think the result was also a higher prevalence of diabetes. I never looked further so no idea if it’s supported strongly with evidence.


No … they are Mutants with the X gene.


If you’re genetically underprivileged you do;

Full body machine circuits, 1set to failure! Don’t push weight, push reps and go for absolute effort! Less weight, more pre exhaust and drop sets.

We’ve known this for like 50 years!

Look at these double hard gainers.


More recently, science dudes say to drink intra workout carbs and protein (supplements like Fight Milk or Gnar Pump) if you’re a skinny-brah.


Agreed, people underestimate how much your legs contributed to your overall weight. I had a co-worker asking me about my weight and he was surprised that I was actually 5 lbs heavier than him.

I was surprised at first too, we are at a similar bf. But he is two inches taller than me and he just looked so much bigger than me with his big arms and massive forearms. Then, I looked at his legs, and I knew why.


People Always use examples of roiders or extremly genetically privileged guys

You will Always hear the same from them: “youre not Lifting heavy enough” “You Arent Eating properly”


I wish that People would realize that your average Sub 7 Inch wrist ectomorph guy cant look muscular and thick, he might look somewhat athletic and even somewhat big with a higher bf, but he will never have These round cannon ball delts along with ripped abs.

Im in a german Bodybuilder Group since a couple of years, and there are guys who are Training consistently for 15 years, and they all look like non-lifters in a t Shirt, their arms Arent thick, and their shoulders Arent wide, they all lift heavy and they are Eating clean even at a bulk

I just think that it is extremly unfair and unethical to give false expectations to younger guys or generally non lifters.

95% of all known Bodybuilders or Fitness Magazine models are taking roids or at least a pro Hormone, and im not Talking About the obvious roiders, im Talking About guys like Jeff seid, jon Skywalker, connor murphy etc.

Even the NBA is full of roiders

Even My local Boxing gym has a Doping room

I just dont get it, bullshitting other naive People only for the bragging of having “better” genetics???


Someone sounds bitter :rofl:

Almost anyone can develop a pretty good physique with just consistently training with intent and eating right for years. We’re seeing lot of the woe-is-me types moaning about nothing working right now and the common denominator is that they neglected to eat appropriately and train with intent and do it consistently for a long time.


Well in this case, this Picture says more than a thousand words

Bud ya hef tu eat clean^11111111


Yeah it’s really unfair

You know what else is unfair? Life
Deal with it, you crumb

Life sucks and then you die


Guy on the left looks better than guys on the right, I have no idea what “alpha genetics” you’re talking, especially when your initial post talks about bodybuilding and they’re not bodybuilders.

Def getting some trolls off of incel forums


So fucking many!


They way you’re getting worked up… you sound like you’re on the wrong side of the argument.

Have you considered steroids and claiming natty status? I think you’ll be happier.


But what if he ends up looking like Larry Scott?


If these beliefs help you justify how fat and shit you are, then have at it.

But remember - life is unfair, so you have two choices: kill yourself or make the most of it.