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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam


OP, you need to find a new hobby. I heard Fornite is supposed to be fun.


Damn this 18 year old kid knows so much more about pharma than his own doctor and more about bodybuilding than experienced athletes and coaches.

I think natural bodybuilding is great. The pageantry isn’t for me, but I have a lot of respect for natty athletes being the natty elitist that I am.


is this the clavicle guy?

and who is Cody Simpson?


You honestly don’t know? When you see his clavicles, you will weep.


googled. still confused


I actually have no idea who he is either


@chubbybaby your not going to comment on the three teenage guys I posted? If you feel that if any of them might not be all Natural and might be playing with some gear considering their short training experience?


Looked him up…nothing to write home about. Only people whom would be impressed by him is people whom have pretty fucking low standards for what is impressive physique wise!! I have seen High School athletes with better builds!!!

Try not to Laugh!


With the amount of time you have spent talking about shoulder widening, you could have been knocking out some heavy OHP and actually made a difference.


sweet butthole tat


speaking of singers that are somewhat built…


I’m so confused. Is Cody Simpson a butthole with a tat or is he a clavicle lengthening surgeon?


You remember that song that goes

“every minute, every second, every hour of the day yayayaya I’ll be missin you”

Yeah neither do I
Just a teenie bopper singer like Justin Beiber


Are you talking about the troll who created this thread, and if so, he’s 19 I believe. #irritatingunhelpfulcorrections

He’s an Aussie singer, he’s not muscular though, I don’t know where he came up with this guy being buff, he’s tall and slim


Mother, Tell your children not to walk my wayyyyaayyyy. Tell your children not to hear my words, What they mean what they say


Danzig is awesome


This dude is posting stuff about this no name Cody Simpson? But doesnt want a physique like Larry Scott?

@Chris_Colucci Im snitchin on this dude



He doesnt look like a typical gymrat. I mean he does a lot of cardio, for a average Person it would be impossible to carry so much muscle while doing so much cardio

I dont know his Routine, but i definitely lifted more heavier (at least more heavier in relation to my personal Limit)and i ate Always clean

But just like i said, it is absolutely impossible for me to build any muscle, so i gonna get Testosterone Enanthate, but im not sure if testo e will be enough to build such a physique

He Looks Broad framed bonewise, i dont have a wide bone Frame so i wont Looks as aesthetic as him

but i will have a Appointment for that with a plastic surgeon :slight_smile:


That is a naturally achievable physique. He is lean but not huge. He looks like he is in 160-180 lbs range at 5’9-5’11. I knew some guy who just played sports and only lift weights like whenever they felt like, basically didn’t follow a strict weight training routine, that look like him

Feel bad brah for you sorry genetics. Maybe in your next lifetime though, you can have a broad shoulders like me or Jeff Seid.


He’s a ninja… all rules are out the window. Sorry.


Black dude. Probably doesn’t even lift weights let alone take steroids