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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam


Working with a huge number of seniors, this is spot on…life is hard, you just choose which hard.


Just don’t start the shuffle where you never pick your feet up off the floor. That makes people look 50 years older than they are. Especially with a rounded back.


The looks aspect is a side effect of competing in powerlifting and steadfastly staying in the 57kg weight class. I have yet to switch focus from training to compete to training to feel better.

Energy remains a renewable resource but it’s like a slowly closing faucet that takes longer to renew. Training since turning 50 is a much different animal than even 40. Less is definitely more.


I’m going to have to make a change in my training and goals now. I have too many damn injuries stacking up.

Surgery on my left hip last year and steroid injection last week.

I’m seeing my shoulder surgeon today to see what I did to my biceps tendon.

I rolled my ankle walking down the stairs at home in early October.

I strained both hamstrings trying to run 40m sprints on Tuesday.

I’m only 34 but, damn, this is getting ridiculous. :laughing:


I’m 38 and my collection of wraps/bands/sleeves used for preventive maintenance is ever increasing, getting old blows


Jokes on you suckers; I figured out the fountain of youth years ago. Every few years, I get surgery and something in my body gets replaced. It was a labrum in my shoulder when I was 16, an ACL and a tooth when I was 29, etc. While most of my body is in it’s 30s, a good amount is still only a few years ago. As long as I keep swapping parts out, my median age will decrease.


Spare or replacement part are not thay tough. It will catch you later


It’s not about the durability; it’s the age. I will leave behind an immaculate, youthful looking corpse.


OP must have ran out of experienced insight . Was so looking forward into being educated.




What a dumb idea. Who would even



Gentlemen we can rebuild him, we have the technology


Dude sounds like you are pushing yourself too hard, too often. It took me a very long time to get it into my thick skull, that working smarter and not harder is the way.


I’m not gonna lie dude. I feel like everything was going great for you until Built for Battle came to town.


Actually it started with that damn CrossFit experiment. I could give you the exact day based on the WOD.


See guys, look what crossfit does to people! :joy:


I know some distance runners that basically track things like “age group” PR’s or “this year” PR’s. Has to be frustrating at some point to chase a version of yourself that was 20 years younger but I think that’s a decent way to go about it.


This threads still going on? hope OP doesnt check out Larry Wheels…




Pretty sure Larry doesn’t pretend to be natty, he just pretends he’s coached by a guy (JG) who pays him a monthly salary to go along with the a claim that no one in the sport ever believed anyway.