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I Think that "Natural Bodybuilding" is a Big Scam

This is a Picture of a 24 years old guy who Trains since around 10 years under “naturally” conditions (while he got busted several times for puffy nipples of nattyness^^)

And this is a Picture of a guy i know who’s Training since 30 years 100% naturally, bonewise he’s a more slim and skinny guy rather than Broad framed.

He doesnt look bad BUT where are his cannonball delts along with his thick chest and arms every natural Bodybuilder should have after such a Long period of Training?^^

The answer is simple: It isnt fucking possible to get such a thick and lean physique naturally like Zyzz of Jeff seid, especially not for your average ectomorph guy.

Of Course there are some exceptions, some 5% genetically gifted guys are capable to build such a physique after years of hard Training naturally, but These guys are extremly rare.

Roughly 50% of the humanity will never be able to build a physique only even halfways like Jeff seid or Zyzz etc. No matter how hard and strict they Train and eat.

This is exactly what pisses me off from the Bodybuilding, the extreme hypocrisy of “Natural Bodybuilding”

Giving Young and naive People absolut false and surreal expectations

Are you saying he has been using a pyramid set scheme in his training?


Get the fuck off of this site you fucking douchebag.

Its not our job to justify your shitty results.


Im not the guy on the Picture

These Arent even shitty results for natural conditions

I’ve seen your pictures. You haven’t been within throwing distance of a weight or an activity involving cardio in your entire life.

You’re a troll.


Can you imagine, just how awful it would be if a young and naïve trainee, given false and surreal expectations, were to train as hard as possible because of this scam and all they ended up doing was realizing their maximal physical potential?

An absolute outrage.


Coming straight from the mouth of someone with a “natural jawline.”

Save it for people who are training the right way and gaining half a pound a year and adding 10 pounds to their squat a decade, okay buddy.


How do the drugs that other people take or don’t take, or their…

or lack thereof, affect you and your training?


Don’t you hate when you watch Cool Runnings and it gives you an unrealistic expectation of your bobsledding abilities?


I’m sorry, when are you having a surgeon break and rebuild your clavicle to lengthen it and make you look incredible again?

Just asking because “unrealistic expectations” is the common saying but SURreal expectations is something different, and would usually be a mistake, but it’s strikingly accurate here, given your strange beliefs.


This happens in literally every endeavor. Not everyone can be a surgeon, not everyone can be president, not everyone can win an Olympic gold medal.

Yet we tell all our young people that if they work hard enough then they can achieve it.

Welcome to the real world. You may find that you can string together 4 or 5 different things that you are very good at, perhaps not the best, and that will make you successful.


What I imagine to be surreal expectations would be if you started lifting weights and a bunch of small tributaries sprung forth from your toes, then upward through the torso the trainee blends into a skyscraper type structure. After some years of intense training, the head would transform into a paper hive of bald faced hornets. The name of the trainee/piece would be something like “social structure”. Oh, and the shins to mid thigh would be adobes and stuff.


I can’t even begin to tell you how many blood vessels I blew out in my eyes trying to go Super Saiyan.


:laughing::laughing: Love it

Yes. This anger is how I went Super Saiyan.


I’m a few years older than you so I missed out on Pokerman and the Strength Rangers, but I think you’ve done Super Saiyan just about as well as Super Saiyan can be done my internet friend.


I think it needs to be pointed out that the guy in your first picture is posing. Bodybuilding poses are meant to make the body builder look more muscular than they really are, and successful bodybuilders learn the best way to pose for them in order to hide their weak points, capitalize on their strong points, etc. No offense to your friend, he has a good physique, but his posing does not do him justice. If he hit the same pose as the guy in the first picture, he would look much bigger than the other 2 photos

But would he look natural instead of like a big cheater? That’s really the question.


I love these threads. They have so much potential.


Pretty much this. 99.9% of us won’t reach the pinnacle yet we continue to strive. I’m not sure why anyone would think that what a few people achieve should naturally, and with hard work, be achievable by everyone.

This reminds me of telling my youngest daughter she could be anything and then letting her down when she said she wanted to be a cheetah.