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I Think My President is Finished.



Men cry. Okay, but Presidents, in time of war should not cry. If he does, so be it. But not in the public eye and do not blame it on your troubles as a President.

Really President Bush, you think you're having problems? Nooo. Really?

Approval ratings are superficial. You're like the most infamous cowboy in all the west.

Nothing like raising morale.


Come on now, President Bush has it rough. Those backpacks weigh like 70 pounds, and the heat is in the 100s. He gets like 8 hours off, for every 16 hours on. The stress and heat is grueling.

Oh wait, what am I saying. President Bush isn't over in Iraq. He takes two hours out of the middle of each workday to work out, and ride his bicycle. He refuses to work nights or weekends. He's spent over a year on vacation, over his 6 years in office. He's the laziest president in modern history.

"Bush on track to become the vacation president"

But then, it's hard to argue with all the success Bush has been having. If you think America's most important issue is that multi-millionaires need tax cuts that they are too rich to even notice, then Bush has been incredibly successful.


The whole vacation thing is a joke. He hosts world leaders at his ranch and the haters call it vacation.

Do you think he turns off his cell phone and doesn't check his emails?


No, but he's a brat nonetheless. I don't think it's hard to see that people like Nader or Paul would work a LOT harder.


I doubt it. They would just act like self righteous asses and get less accomplished.


Less accomplished? Sure. That is, if by "accomplish" you mean managing to kill innocents and turning countries into chaos.


I thought we were talking about the president and not your fellow muslims. You are right. Those assholes have done much damage they should be stopped. I hope Bush sends our military to fight them.


Bush is really getting to be good at Mountain Biking. So if that's a really important quality for a president to have, then Bush is doing a great job.

How many of you guys won't work any nights or weekends, and take two-hour bike rides during the middle of the workday, while doing the "most important job in the world"?

He's not on vacation, he's clearing brush, putting up fences, and fishing.