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I Think I'm In Love!

Just had my first experience with a new Rocky Road Metabolic Drive bar. Wow!! These are Grrrr-EAT!! They are kinda like sex, sooooo good, good for you, and when your done you feel kinda selfish… and can’t wait to do it again. Thank you Biotest.

I had my 1st one last night and was simply amazed. It is absolutely unreal.

Damn guys…I guess I’ll have to get me some.

I got one for free with my order of Spike and TRIBEX and boy…it tasted real good. My next order is going to include a box, me thinks!


So far I’ve bought six boxes. OMG, delish. I’ve practically given up food for the bars. Soooo yummy.

Just had my first Rocky Road bar an hour ago, and it’s delicious. Now I can’t wait to try the Cookie Dough. YUM!