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I Think I'm in LOVE...


Guys, I just had one of the best nights I've had in a long time. No, I didn't go out and have my first threesome or anything like that. Tonight, I trained in MMA.

It's amazing what someone 50 lbs. lighter can do to a guy. Very humbling experience. But overall, I left hype and ready for more. I fuckin loved it.

If anybody has any tips or good places to look for some workouts that help with MMA, please post them here. I think Xen Nova started a thread a while back with some great advice but I can't remember what keywords to search for it. If you check this thread bro, shoot me a PM.



glad to see another one is hooked

if you think crack is bad, you have no idea.


As great as that is and all, I'd rather hear a story about your first threesome, or your first bj.....and whether or not you swallowed. I kid, I kid. No advice, just have fun. If you get into BJJ, there are a lot of tournaments you can enter.


Yep. MMA is one of those things that some people will never understand, and others are immediately hooked on. I train with Charlie's Combat Club, who share the space with Kenpo School (they have their own facility in Everett). The looks we get from the Kenpo Guys are great.



That's why lifting weights to be able to kick someone's ass isn't the best idea.


Naw, that's why only lifting weights to kick some ass isn't a good idea. :slight_smile:

Now, back to those links...


what is MMA?


another Bruce Lee fan?



I too, just started MMA classes (we started off as a boxing class but got a new trainer and he's a MMA fighter) and am really enjoying learning new strikes/submissions/grapples each class.

I'm doing a total-body 2-3x a week weight training program in addition to my MMA classes which are 3x a week but due to my schedule, I can only go 2x a week for now.


mixed martial arts


Just wait until you get a little more experience and wait to see the look on that guy's face when he goes for an armbar out of the guard and you pick him up for a slam like it were nothing.

THAT's when it gets fun.

Of course, in the interim, there's lots of getting punched in the head and stupid mistakes that get you submitted and all the rest, but it's all a part of learning.


I've been holding back for a long time now - but I cant anymore.

I used to train bjj and muay thai for a period of time, but not once did I do mma.

Which brings me to my point - how many of you actually claiming to do mma actually compete in mma?

Or do you actually just train in various separate arts?

There's a huge difference!


Isnt it a beautiful thing? Theres nothing in the world more that i love to do than beat the crap out of some big 250 lb weightlifitng guys that come in to roll. I swear its addicting.

Welcome to the family.

The three best exercises for MMA are pullups, squats and deads or power cleans, whichever one you prefer best.
The most important muscles are good pulling muscles, which you get from the pullups, a strong lower back (deads) and strong legs(squats).


Thats when you let go of his arm, and leglock that bastard. Very simple. Stand up in my guard and you get leglocked every time.




strictly BJJ, though every once in awhile we'll have seminars on Vale Tudo stuff. I just really enjoy the competition aspect of BJJ.

MMA is such an unforgiving sport. So many people want to get into it, but don't realize the commitment required for a sport that won't even give you financial security, has the most fickle and least knowledgeable fans, and can leave you permanently injured.


I couldnt agree more, especially about the fans.

Heck I think I read a thread title on this site asking "Which is the best mma style?" LMFAO

uh... lets see... Southern Low Stance MMA? lol

Needless to say that I couldnt click on it. lol

The reason why I asked is because everyone claims to be doing mma when in reality very few ppl are.


Hahahahah thats like that joke:

A guy walked into the bar and ordered 10 shots of tequilla. The bartender asked what was wrong, or if there was a celebration of some sort. The guy replied he just had his first blowjob. So the bartender, excited for him, said "Well in that case another one on the house!" when the guy replied "Well if 10 shots wont get the taste out of my mouth, nothing will!"


"Thats when you let go of his arm, and leglock that bastard. Very simple. Stand up in my guard and you get leglocked every time"

rofl, where do you train

you should enter adcc if you are that good


Well, to answer the "is it really MMA" question... I'd say yes. I've trained twice and have been doing both BJJ and stand up work. My goal is to get in an MMA fight and see what I can do. I really don't have a strong desire to get into BJJ tournaments but I'm leaving it as an option because it would probably help.

I've got a long way to go and we'll find out how tough I am I guess.

Thanks for the training advice on the pullups, squats and deads. I did mostly powerlifting training so my pulling muscles are much weaker than my pushing muscles. Needless to say, my back is sore as hell.

Do any of you guys mix in strong man stuff into your training?