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I Think I'm Addicted to Working Out


Good ideas on what to do when I shouldn't be working out. Obviously, anything could be said, but seriously I know it's a process and it takes time, but all there is out there is how to lose weight and get in shape. I know how to workout, hahaha, so be nice and hook a man up with some cool shit to do on my off days so I feel like I did something.

Ballet instructors got it going on...


Yes please


right? I mean seriously, wow.


er? make money. Talk to wimmenz?


sell drugs to kids


Make money.... man, that is a good way to feel better about the day. Not the constructive insight I was searching for. Money is awesome though.


Drugs, to kids, done. But the drugs don't work, they just make it worse, and I need some more ideas guys. I mean get it together and get me something I can use.


pick up an instrument


well, I all ready do that, but that is awesome. thank you for a good idea


and then curl it


Shit's funny.. like a Tuba or what?


Grownups tend to work 9-16 hours a day, commute another 1-3 hours, sleep 5-8 hours, and fit in a workout 3-5 times a week. When I'm not lifting, I like to, I don't know, cook, do laundry, pay bills, clean my fucking house, mow my fucking lawn, attend to grooming, and on occasion sit around and feel happy I don't have to do shit.

Days off from lifting should be spent taking care of everything that always comes second to lifting.


so I do all that stuff, so the hostility is impressive, but still not quite what I was looking for.


auto bill pay


sooooooooooooo, good luck to me, and I will watch the door on my way hahahaahahaha


You should be paying my bills, you fucking whore.


Start a family, stop acting like a boy, take on responsibility, &c.



Take homoerotic pictures of yourself?


Just checked your profile. Scratch the latter suggestion.


Those hot flashes are a trip eh you old cunt