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I Think I Tore My Pec - Please Help


About a month and half ago I was benching (225 or so, not much weight) I was in the middle of my set and I was in the process of bringing the weight down to my chest when suddenly felt something snap in my left pectoral almost felt like a rubber banding snapping, and luckily I had a spotter to help take the weight off my chest,

the pain was unbearable for several minutes and my left chest became very sore. Skip forward 30-40 days and I still have a sharp pain in my left chest, I can still work chest but there is still some pain when I do certain exercises such as bench press, dips, even pushups (not so much incline dumbbell)

What can I do to help my chest heal? is this something serious and should I have it checked out by a specialist? What are some homeopathic things I can utilize to deal with this injury? Would it help if I get some kind of massage on the injured tissue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

For the record, I've been lifting for some time now (7 years or so) and never had an injury.... Until now.


Wouldnt hurt to go to the doctor to get an x-ray.


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wouldn't hurt to go get an enema and an eye exam.


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i was joking earlier. i'm sorry to hear you hurt your pec, injuries blow, go see a doctor asap.


You should get your pec looked at by a orthopod asap..what you describe sounds like a pec tear..an easy way to see is to look in the mirror with your arms by your side and look at pec symmetry..usually the torn one has a droopy look with loss of definition..if it's torn surgery is indicated..the muscle fibres actually atrophy if you leave it for too long so get it checked out! Surgery is simple and very effective for this condition..




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