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I Think I Sleepwalked



The last memory I have from yesterday was 11:30pm. I was chilling, waiting for midnight when I was supposed to meet up with some people for a few minutes, and then I was going to pass out because I had work at noon today.

I woke up at 6am today in my neighbor/friend's brother's bed, still clothed. I thought it was my bed at first, but then I looked around.

I walked home really confused and went back to bed until 10. The friend called me later and asked me what I was doing last night. I said I have no idea. I have no memory of it. He said I stumbled in at like 2am mumbling random shit. He thought I was drunk, so he gave me water and let me pass out in his brother's, who is away to college, room.

On a related note, this weird thing started last night. Around 8pm, the right side of my face started feeling weird. I can move my right ear, but not my left, and I keep moving my right ear, right eyebrow, and right part of my mouth involuntarily. It's like, constantly flexed almost. Shit's really weird right now.


Fuck, sounds like someone drugged you up and


Sounds like a stroke.


Sounds about right minus the face thing, bet you wouldn't be complaining if you wound up in his sisters bed.


I feel like a daterape victim.


Bells Palsy


Do I need to get that shit checked out or is it gonna go away?
By the way, ridiculous arms


Apparently milk doesn't do a body good.


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the most i've sleepwalked is to the bathroom and took a piss.

and didnt miss :smiley:




I thought I sleepwalked once, when I woke up in the passenger seat of my car somewhere in Wisconsin. I think Jagermeister, Blatz and a cute waitress were involved.


what were doing prior to this? anything different?


This happened to me a few weeks ago. Woke up in the parking lot adjacent to my apartment complex at 4am.


Just the usual.


The only bit of advice I can offer you is that if you want to force yourself to stay inside, just locking your doors won't work. It's been well documented that sleepwalking individuals can navigate around, including being able to unlock doors, input key codes, and operate latches.

Not all sleepwalkers are this articulate, but it is possible that when you sleep walk, just locking your doors/windows won't be enough to keep you inside.

Of course, there are other explanations. If you have the money for it, I'd recommend seeing a doctor.


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