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I Think I Screwed Myself Up


I am 18. Before anyone starts flaming me, yes, I am an idiot and should've done my research before. I am not sure but I think I screwed myself by taking Nolva, Letro, Clomid and steroids :frowning:

I had gyno for a few years and then when I was 17 I started looking on the web all about it and came to bodybuilding forums where people would be advised to take nolva or letro. Without doing any proper research I just started using given nova dosages for about a month.

Then since i didn;t see any result I stopped. Few months later (2 or 3 i think) I started Letro foolishly thinking that it will help. Did it for about a month also. Of course it is obvious that it never went away. I have surgery this summer, guess I should have talked to doc first...

Then at the age of 18, I went to university. I was fat for about 9 years. I guess this is why gyno developed. I lost some weight. And then I thought i need some muscle now... After few months, my friend told me about anavar and tbol. So we started our cycles :(... What i've done was 6 weeks of Tbol (50-60gm) and 8(50-80, sometimes 100 gm) weeks of anavar at the same time.

Now, after that he told me about PCT and said I should research it myself... And here I come, I've read all the stuff about teenagers shouldn't use steroids and etc... I have a fear that I stunted my growth and messed with my hormones... I am on 3d week of nolva 25 mg. Last two weeks were clomid 100mg and nova 25 mg. Gonna do nova for one more week.

So guys, i am sorry, i am probably not the first stupid kid here asking all of these questions but i would appreciate your thoughts. Do you think I stunted my growth and messed up my hormones?


This makes me very sad
It's stories like this that almost kind of a little bit make me think it's good that roids are illegal.

Then again, if they were legal, you'd probably have been better educated
and the roids Could be regulated to prevent use by teens.

Don't stress about it. The human body is extremely resilient and you've still got a few years of growing left to bounce back. Just make sure you learn from your mistakes This Time.
I'm sure you'll juice again in the future. But wait until you're at least 21 and ask questions BEFORE you use them.

Also, I don't think anyone has ever stunned their growth.
Stunted maybe. but not knocked out.


Yes, stunted, sorry, thank you for correcting... Do you think I stunted my growth? I mean are those drugs powerful enough to close my growth plates?


There is no way anyone here can know the answer to that question. It is possible, but PROBABLY not likely. BUt since you already had a shitty HPTA (given your gyno) you are probably more at risk than someone else your age. But what can you do about it now? Nothing. So don't worry about it and don't be stupid in the future.


this thing regarding bad hpta. Does it mean i will have undeveloped body or smth?

it is really difficult not to worry about it...


My crystal ball is in the shop...but I suspect that you will probably have an undeverdeveloped body because you will be lazy and chalk everything up to your bad luck instead of working to overcome your "genetic limitations"...I could be wrong

Fucking around on internet forums isnt going to make it any better...you have your answer


i am just asking questions and trying to learn this time... but thanks for your answers anyway.


No one on the internet can help you.

If you want a definite answer, get bloodwork done. There is a sticky in the TRT forum that tells you what tests you need.


ok thank you.

last question: on the other forum i was told to stop using nolva for pct and go for "unleashed". So what your thoughts on me taking nolva guys, should i finish my pct or stop immediately? thank you


You're welcome. Everyone does stupid stuff when they're young. I certainly wish I could have ages 15-20 to do over again.

If you were 25, I would say absolutely finish your PCT. Unleashed is T booster, which you can run alongside a SERM like nolva for PCT, but it's not a replacement for SERM PCT.

I am honestly not sure if having a younger endocrine system changes that recommendation.


thank you for your help

Anyone else have thoughts on PCT? Maybe someone had similar experience or heard about someone i dunno. Thank you


Finish your PCT.

Nolva for 4 weeks at 40/40/20/20 is the standard, but it had been shown effective at 20mg a day. Your PCT wasn't really optimal with clomid for what 2 weeks at 100mg, then nolva for 3 weeks at 25mg? But its better than nothing.

I guess you could try the unleashed but I think it is probably a waste of money...


thank you


Listen, you made a mistake and you realize it. I made the same mistake, I am 47 years old, when I was 17 I was on Dianabol and test, absolutely no pct, didn't even know what it was. I might be lucky, but never got any gyno, or any sides other than a little acne. I am 5' 10" which is probably where I should be, I have brothers ranging from 5' 8" to 6'. I also have 7 healthy kids. Chances are, you'll be fine. But maybe try to see a Dr and get your hormone levels checked.


Thank you

I'll get my blood work results today, fingers crossed :slight_smile: