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I Think I Might Need HCG


i think i might need to run some hcg on my cycle, before i start my PCT. heres why. i was in a bad car wreck in january of 2010. i was in a drug enduced coma for 3 months. i was on some of the harshest anti-biotics and pain medicines known to man in the hospital, and i found out that some of the side affects from these was, it basically shut my nuts down, so my doc saw that i had low test and put me on TRT, and didnt tell me that TRT was pretty much for life.

so anyways, my plan was to run this hdrol cycle, then run nolva PCT, and it would bring my nuts back to normal, and i could get off TRT. but i have been reading that i need to run HCG to bring my nuts back to full size if they have atrophied at all before i start the nolva, or they wont produce maximum test. how can u tell if u need hcg?


Well from what I understand once on TRT you are on it for life, game over. Dr. Crystler's info (I think I spelled it right) says HCG just to help with nut atrophy. If your test is shut down from brain or nut damage, you are going to be on TRT.

The way to look at it is no different than someone with thyroid issues having to take meds for life. And it could be worse, you could be diabetic and have to inject daily/ multiple times per day vs 1x per week.

Take the shots, work out, get healthy, feel better.


Before starting you on TRT, did he advise you that you may become infertile? How long have you been on it? It's not impossible to restart your own test, but it can be difficult.