I Think I Messed Up with My Krypteia Deload

Hai guys,

I think am doing wrong my 7 week protocol, am currently doing krypteia and the way i was working is like this:

Phase 2: (i skip the fase 1, because i been doing krypteia for six months)
1 cycle: ----> deload (tm test)

2 cycle: ----> deload (tm test)

Phase 3:

1 cycle: ----> deload (pr test)

and restart the program… but i just see in my book that the 7 week protocol is between the leader and anchor, and then prior my new leader template a tm test again…

my question is this: do i messed up with my work? the deload between cycles in phase 2 should not happen? or am overthinking and its okey…

am currently deloading in phase 2 just finishing the first 3 weeks of my cycle 1 and i just realize that i could been doing all wrong…

what do you think guys?

You’ll survive. Do it better next time around.


You’re way overthinking things.

Do 2 cycles of the leader (which is phase 2). That will take 6 weeks, where you adjust the TM after the first cycle. Then take a deload/7th week protocol.

Then, adjust TM again and do 1 cycle of the anchor.

You’ll be fine. You can also take deloads as needed based on your experience and how you feel.

Thank you my friend.

Yep, thank you, i”ll do better :crossed_fingers: