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I Think I Made a Boo-Boo


Anyways I bought this shit called Z Force.

Now, is that tribulis gonna be detrimental to me in ANY way? i'm turning 19 pretty soon by the way.....on top of this. Will it do anything to help my training?


I just want to say RESEARCH before you buy anything.

(EDITED) Thanks below an easy miss in the wee hours.


Phill, I have a lot of respect for your comments on this site, but I have to say this, maybe research how to spell research before you type it.


I knew this was gonna happen. I did'nt intend to buy the trib, the thing said zma, how hard can it be. I just realized this now. Anyways, i've researched it and I can't find anything really besides it's effects on sex drive and shit. Can anybody actually tell me if this is going to be bad for me? Or if anything will happen?


You are 19. You don't need a testosterone booster...or at least you shouldn't.


The answer to your question is no. It won't have any effect on as long as you use it properly. Bro, at 19 just eat right and lift hard and often. Don't use supp's until you hit a wall. If you work at it you will be shocked at how much you will grow without wasting money on crap.


I think you guys are ALL missing the point. I want to know if I should NOT take this because it will be detrimental. I don't want nor need a test booster. I just don't want to throw away the ZMA if it's not gonna hurt.


One question, why do the responses you got sound to you like, "Go right ahead and take it!". It will not kill you. Do you need it? Hell no. Leave your body alone for right now, especially in terms of "hormone manipulation".