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I think I live amongst genetic freaks.

This is sort of a venting post for me but I am baffled at the number of ripped, shredded people that I live amongst. Granted I have come a long way in the past few years (from 220 at 22% to 180 at 10%) I still pale in comparison to those around me.

Now, I know that living in South Beach some of them are models, wannabe actors, or just party animals that are probably living on crack and juice, maybe a little crack juice as well.

I was happy when I started to see veins in my abs, arms, forearms and calves. But these guys…could trace the vein in their big toe all the way to their jugular. They have to be under 5% and they stay at that…they are always that lean!

People think I am kidding when I tell them about it but they are all in awe when they visit. I go home to Alabama and everyone tells me that I am in great shape…I tell them that the funny thing is that I am the chubby one at the gym.

Anyone seen the same thing elsewhere or been here and seen it for themselves? Maybe we should have a T-Man retreat in South Beach? all T-Vixens attendance required!


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well it all depends on how these “south beach” people are built.

Are they all crack addict types with no muscle whatsoever? Or are they like pro bodybuilders?

What is there to say?