I think I invented a new killer Tricep exerscise

Heya Manimals. This better post cuz I tried two days ago and it got FUBAR’ed. But I digress; I beleive I’ve innovated, or at least discovered a new Tricep exercise. I call them “Reverse California Jawbreakers”. Essentailly, the movement is akin to a standard “California Skullcrusher” However a reverse (palms up) grip is used. Caution: Approach this movement with a great deal of respect. You don’t want to make your dentist smile too much. Besides, you know he ain’t gonna go out and buy GROW! with your cash, so its really a waste. Lata.

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My main Primate friend E-man, wassup boy! You know I almost started a specific thread dedicated to you last week, but I didn’t see you around much, so I thought I’d just stick it in my pocket for a later date. Basically, I just wanted to say that you post some top o’ the line shite, bro! You seriously make me bust a gut…and your one-liners are nuts! Keep it up, T-Bro! On to the business at hand…you know it’s funny you mention this lil’ tricep killah. I’m a big fan of the Cali-Crushers and there was a thread up last week about Reverse-Close-Grip Presses, so I was thinking about doing a little hybrid action next time I hit my tris…but the Monkeyboy beat me to it! I’ll give 'em a try though.

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Heya Manimals. Aw Timbo, you’re makin’ me blush liek a freshman cheerleader who “forgot” her cotton panties and realized it mid-split. I figure every “family” needs a court jester, and I’m happy to play the role. But now I digress, for I am gushing like a pussy on prom night. Yeah, this was an enlightened little move that I decided to convince myself I’d invented, but Timbo you can share credit. So long as you share your results. As of late I’ve meant to be around more, but I’ve got finals coming up and a new (and improved) T-vixen. She came equipped with smokin’ body, drive to go to the gym, sense of humor (hey, she’s gotta deal with me), and, above all, I don’t hafta inflate her (checked THOUROUGHLY for air pockets). After finals I’ll be happily swinging through the vines of the forum jungle on a regular basis. Lata.

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