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I Think I Herniated a Disc

Long story short, back in February I pinched my sciatic nerve, rehabbed it out and then in July I had a heavy deadlift session before work and then at work-which already involved a lot of bending and twisting- had to pull a 3,000lb pallet using a jack with shitty ball bearings. Next 3 days I couldn’t get out of bed.

So I saw a PT, got a steroid/muscle relaxant script and did what I was supposed to do. Yesterday I tried to pick a book up off the floor (ironically it was Arnold’s Bodybuilding Encyclopedia) and the months of progress I’d made flew out the fucking window because now I haven’t been able to get off the floor for 2 days. Every time I try to walk it feels like my right calf is cramping up and both my glutes flex themselves. I can’t stay upright for more than about 30 seconds due to the pain.

Good thing I moved back in with my parents after my job fired me because my PT didn’t fill out the insurance paperwork fast enough or I might be in a really bad spot right now. Also some asshole t-boned me on my way back from my last therapy session so my life has just gone downhill these last few months.

So I’m thinking I probably herniated a disc super bad and given the triangular shape of the back pain I’m thinking I damaged my QL muscle as well. The calf pain is worse than the back pain when I move so I’m just staying stationary and only consuming liquids so I can pee in the jug next to me.

Once I can move a bit better I’ll try and get the emergency care doctors to write me an MRI script because I need to know what is going on back there.