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I Think I Have an Ouchie...

I don’t relish doctor visits…

I spent a rather rough night (12 hours worth) crawling around in the underbelly of an aircraft changing an actuator that was located in place that Houdini would have waved off. (suck meter pegged out)

Afterwards, I went to the gym, performed my normal upper body routine, went home and slept. I woke up feeling extremely congested with pressure and pain throughout the chest area.

First thoughts were common chest cold but now the pain has become extremely localized (between the breastplate and right nipple to be exact).

It doesn’t hurt during the act of performing body weight exercises (pushups, etc)…only on the release of tension. I can extend my arms in all directions without discomfort but experience a sharp pain (in the location mentioned above)if I bend at the waist with arms extended. If fact leaning forward even slightly hurts. I cannot take a deep breath without pain.

Sorry this is so rambling but ,please, tell me this doesn’t sound like a torn pec!


I am not a Dr. but - It sounds like you have a problem with the joint where your rib connects to your manubrium (breastbone) probably overstretched / pulled the ligament. You could also have stressed one of your interconstal muscles. The symptoms almost sound like a broken rib without the trauma (impact) I would guess it is soft tissue vs bone. I would also guess there is no treatment medical community could give you just need time IMO.