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I Think I Have an Infection and Want to Stop Cycle


I injected Sunday in my right quad with 250mg Tes with a 24x1 needle. I sterilized my quad with alcohol and I even sterilized the top of the vial. Let everything dry. I injected slightly above the middle of the quad at a 90 degree angle. I wasn’t shakey but I did inject it within 30-45 seconds. I got a little pain from it but it was nothing horrible and it went away 3-4 days afterwards.
I injected again on Wednesday in my left quad. Same exact stuff and procedure. Early in the morning after a hot shower. By Thursday morning I could barely walk. I thought to man it out and just deal with it because I just injected in my other quad and everything was fine. Now it’s Friday morning and I’m nearly screaming to get out of bed.
I feel some kind of a lump possibly an abscess. But I believe it seems to be moving upwards?
I have an antibiotic called and wondering if I should just start taking those to possibly stop an infection.
I also want to get off of this stuff just from fear of anything worse happening. I have a PCT and I’m wondering if it’s even worth it to go on it maybe just for a week?
Kind of freaking out just by how much it hurts simply 2 days afterwards.


Is this your first time running a cycle?


Yes this is my first time. A buddy of mine has done 3 cycles and he talked me into trying it. We both got the same needles and gear besides him running more than I am.