I Think I Had Fake Testosterone

Hi Guys,

Iv been on TRT just over a year maintaining the same dose and body composition most of the time,
I recently got a new batch of test E and with in a week of using it i felt deflated and low mood and libido,
I discontinued the bottle I think was fake, and waited 10 days aprox before getting home were i had plenty of real stuff, Once home I injected my usaul 125mg shot, and then 4 days later got my a blood test done, my blood test come back the same level as its been the whole year on my specific dose,
Does that mean the Testosterone I thought was fake is real ??
Or We cant be sure as I injected 125mg of real testosterone 4 days before the blood test ?

I was expecting to see a significant dip in my levels as i was thinking my levels were dropping for 2 weeks on the test E I thought was fake,

Any knowledge welcome,

You could always send it out for testing. You could always run it for a few weeks and get blood work. Was it from an ugl or prescribed?

Did you not read the whole message buddy ??
If you did read it why are you telling me i could run it fir a few weeks when that’s exactly what i did,
As stated in the message,

Did you get your blood tested after running the potentially fake test for 2 weeks? The way I read your initial message is that you ran the potentially fake gear, decided it was definitely fake without testing the gear or your blood and then started running the known good stuff and got your blood tested. Is this correct?

Sorry for miss understanding you

This was the whole point of my question buddy,
I done the stuff i think was fake for couple weeks,
The done 1 injection of the stuu i know is real,
Blood test 4 days later,
And my levels are as they are normally running real gear,
So the question is would running the fake stuff for 2 weeks not bring the levels down enough,
So that the blood test after 1 injection of real stuff would still be lower than usaul,

You should have taken a blood test before you started taking the known gear again. The only way to know now is to have the questionable gear tested or just move on and toss it. Test is cheap.

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So your saying that 2 weeks on the other gear if was fake would not show a lower blood result after 1 injection of real gear ?

I would expect it to be lower since if the other gear was fake my levels would have been dropping for 2 weeks,
How would they suddenly get back to the exact level they are usually just after 1 injection,
This is my theory maybe im wrong

You don’t know if it was fake or just under dosed. Without any meaningful bloodwork it’s a mute point. Why lose sleep over it?


Because it was my source that iv used for 4 years,
And I had a little Go at him,
Because I know the stuff wasnt on point,
Im very in touch with my body any little changes and il feel it very quickly,
I felt deflated and mood was down and low libido,
Also dropped a bit of weight suddenly,
All of these things happen if i stop taking my TRT for a week or 2,
And this is exactly the same feeling i felt after 10 days on the bottle of test im talking about,

After I had the injection of the real stuff i had at home literally the next day I felt much better and woke up that morning with my usaul hard wood,

Without labs drawn while injecting the suspect stuff, it’s hard to tell man. And we’re all just shooting in the dark.

I say this because, Yes, you could possibly have been running bunk gear, did a single shot of 125mgs, and tested at high-normal levels 4 days later, depending on your personal biochemistry. Everyone is sooo different.

To give you some idea of the variation I’m talking about…

I was recently on 350mgs of Test/wk, pinned daily. I stopped pinning for 5 days because my clinic wanted labs and it put me in the 900s.

In contrast, some dudes only pin 125-150 once per week and, at 7-day nadir, they are in the 900s as well.

I’ll leave it to the smarter dudes if you want it broken down, but the main cause of this variation is SHBG.

If this is true, and you really were consistent in your dosing and pinning schedule, and the ONLY thing in your life that changed was the bottle, I’d say it’s very likely it was bunk gear.

But again, none of us can be certain, and can’t rightfully put someone on blast unless we send the stuff off and get it tested.

I recently went on a rant in my cycle log because I’m pretty sure I got some fake Primo. I think it was @unreal24278 that called me out on my shit and asked “so you’re saying it’s fake based on sides”. I was forced to reflect on my claims and chill the F out.

This is a bit more of the type of answer i was looking for thanks mate, some actuall break downs of how test works with injections etc,
I have high shbg,

Im on 250mg test split into 125mg twice per week,
And that gives me a test level of 1500 give or take the day before next injection,

Now my point is if that gear was bunk surely my levels would have dipped way below the usaul 1500 after 2 weeks,
And surely they wouldn’t return to 1500 after 1 125mg injection, considering the blood test was 4 days after that injection aswell,

When you say 250 puts you at 1500, how long after your biweekly 125 shot was that 1500 lab drawn?

Edit: I see you said “the day before injection”

I get what your saying mate,
Im over it now lol
Just would have been good to get clarity so I know if I have to ditch this source,
As i have used them for 4 years this is the first issue iv had with them after lots of orders,

The funny thing is there products usauly come slightly yellow, and these 2 bottles come almost clear,
When I confronted him about this he said all of our products are clear now, not knowing i had ordered a different product a few days before from the new collection, test C to be exact and it wasnt clear it was the usaul yellow color,
Then he changed his tune and said he spoke to the head chemist and the color change is because of heat the more heat the more dark it goes,
But iv been buying from them for 4 years and the products have always been the exact same color the whole time no matter if was test E test C or primo,
Only this 1 time the order come different color and I didnt feel good with the stuff,

I take 250mg per week split monday/Thursday
I always get bloods drawn the day before my next injection,

And my levels are always 1500

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Now my point is if that gear was bunk surely my levels would have dipped way below the usaul 1500 after 2 weeks,
And surely they wouldn’t return to 1500 after 1 125mg injection, considering the blood test was 4 days after that injection aswell,
OK, I see your point. Thank you for dumbing it down for me.

Yes, you are correct. All other things being equal —dosing, pinning frequency, timing of lab draw relative to last pin—you are correct, your levels would not have been exactly the same if the gear was bunk. But you say they were exactly the same (1500), but you felt like crap.

So that begs the question, why did you feel like crap then?

Hard to be sure, but again, I can offer you anecdotal experience I’ve had…

My clinic sends me Test Cyp from two different pharmacies. Given the exact same dosing and pinning schedule, I feel better on one than the other. I’ve had labs done on both types, and my levels aren’t ever shockingly high or low. They’re right about where I expect them. But I feel NOTICEABLY better on one than the other. They are in the same carrier oil, too.

It’s weird man, you’d think 200 Test E is 200 Test E. but I can tell you that there is DEFINITELY a difference from lab to lab, pharmacy to pharmacy. I dread when the other shit shows up in the mail. Your source may have switched something up in that one bottle, made it differently somehow.

I’ve never made Testosterone, so I can’t speak to variations in the process, but I have clicked the “I believe” button that not all Test is created equal.

Bro this is exactly what i wanted to hear!!
Im not alone!
Your the first person iv heard say this apart from me,
If i take test cyp I dont feel as good mentally,
I get very racing thoughts and find it hard to get my brain to relax,
Also on test cyp my muscles are more firm but not as full,
Now the difference, on test E i feel much more chilled out and my self, and mentally much more clear,
Body composition wise im more full and round,
Also my libido is much better on test E,

Maybe this test was just not a good batch of raws could have had some impurities in it etc or just wasn’t from the same place they usauly get it,

Only way to know would be to do bloods while on that stuff you tough was fake.
If you take TRT doses, 4 days after a shot of real stuff is enough to get those levels back to where you want them, also, 10 days of doing fake stuff would not completely drop your previous level since half life is around 5 days, means you would be 25% over normal after 10 days anyway, even if used fake or empty gear. Also gear is usually not empty, just way underdosed so there could have been some test so your leves would be even more that 25% over nothing.

p.s - the stuff you say about how you feel different on Cyp vs Enth shows you are very strong mentally and all the problem could be in your head, because TEST = TEST and cyp or enth only means ester, not the actual compound. Its like saying that blue t-shirts are warmer than red ones, even tho they are the same t-shirts.

Playing devil’s advocate here… esters controls the amount of time it takes for the body to cleave them off and get to the good stuff (test). Cyp and enth have slightly different half lives. If one were sensitive to test (seems a lot are, I’m not). It might be the difference of a gallon of water squirted in your face from a water gun and a gallon squirted in your face from garden hose. Same volume, but the time frame you’re receiving your dose of water is a little different.

Totally spit balling and have no idea