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I Think I Got It

Good Day,

I made an earlier post about my first cycle ang got some great advice; thank you all. But I had some problems with supply and have changed some things. This is my plan:

wk1-8: Test Cypionate or Enanthate
wk1-8: Equipose 400mg.

wk1-4: Dianabol 40mg daily

wk10-14: Clomid 50mg.daily
wk10: HCG 7,500 IU
wk11-12:HCG 5,000 IU

I added the D-bol to saturate my system quicker because I wouldnt be able to get enough Test to frontload my cycle. But since this is my first cycle, Is this overkill?
And is this enough Clomid and HCG post cycle?
Based on my body type,Im not prone to accruing much adipose tissue and I dont hold much water. Im 5’10 and 185 lbs.with 6%bf In looking to break 200lbs.
My liver enzymes will be checked and blood monitored.

Your should be able to do it with this cycle. - although 6% is quite low bf % - that is almost competition ready levels!

well, it fluctuates between 6-8%. I eat predominatly clean food, but Im not dieting and I hate cardio with guerrila passion. (calm down bud)
Well thanks P22, I read all ur posts and have learned much.

EQ has a half life of 10-14 days, whereas enanthate has a half life of 5-7 days…Therefore stop the EQ a week prior to the enanthate so that both esters clear your system at about the same time. So basically stop the eq at week 8 and run the enanthate for another week.


Thanks MK, I’ll run it like that.
I just recieved the gear and will start soon; I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out.

Speaking of Mike Katz, I just bought the 25aniv. of Pumping Iron and was very pleased with it. Its just so strange to see these guys in a media different than photos.