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I Think I Got Gyno


Hi guys!
I don't know where else to go for advice, so i really hope i can get some here. I am 21 year old and have never used any AAS. Half year ago i notced, that i have a lump under my breast, went to the doctor, but he said he doesn't feel a thing, but even if it's gyno, it's normal that teenagers develop gyno.

I went back to him 2 more times that it bothers me, but he doesn't want to send me to a hormone test or to mammography. I'm 185 lbs and 6 feet tall, with around 14% bodyfat. I link some images. What shoul i do? Is there some way to make it go away without surgery?


You can do your own lab work and pay out of pocket.
Depends where you are located.


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So i got my lab results back:
Total Testosterone : 310 ( 280-1100) ng/dl
Free Testosterone Index: 28 % (15-95)
SHBG: 41 ( 13-84) nmol/L
Estradiol : 101 (40-160) pmol/L
TSH: 2.1 (0.4-4.0) Miu/L
FSH: 3.6 ( 1.0-19.0) IU/L
LH: 1.7 ( 1.0-9.0) IU/L
FT3: 4.6 (3.3-6.0) pmol/L
FT4: 10.1 ( 9.0-19.1) pmol/L
White Blood Cell: 6.7 (4.4-11.3) 10*9/L
Red Blood Cell: 5.3 (4.5-5-9) 10*9/L
Hematocrit: 0.48 (0.4-0.52) L/L
Hemoglobin: 166 (14-175) g/L
Platelet count: 219 (150-450) 10*9/L
LDL: 3.4 (<3.3) mmol/L
HDL: 1.4 (0.9-3.6) mmol/L
Cholesterol: 5.0 (2.6-5.2) mmol/L
Triglyceride: 0.5 mmol/L
Creatinine: 109 (59-104) micromol/L

So as i mentioned above iâ??m 21 years old, 6ft tall and 185 lbs with 14 % bodyfat. Recently i feel tired all day, i have low sex drive and sometimes i feel depressed for days. I donâ??t have any body hair on my chest and back, neither any facial hair. I store fat on my chest, lower abs and glutes. I never drink alcohol and i donâ??t smoke. I try to eat healthy. My macros are 200protein/350 carb/50 fat (2650 calories) year around. I eat at least 1lbs of vegetable/day (mostly steames broccoli and cauliflower). I take mulltivitamin and omega 3. I workout 3 times/week. Any sugestions about what should i do? These numbers donâ??t really mean anything to me, so i would apreciate your help guys. (Sorry for the big pictures and for my english)


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