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I Think I Got Fake Test E

So initially I thought it was working… I did get some pretty powerful erections… Felt like my sex drive was higher… I think it was all in my head though. I felt better pumps in the gym… Thought my strength went up a bit. So it’s week 6 and I cut my carbs a little bit and I’m right back to where I started from day 1. No difference what so ever. It was the huge amount of carbs I was eating.

It still had the plastic seal on it. I thought it was legit for those reasons. He also gave me adex and nolva with it…

I think the adex might be real. I’m super lethargic today. Literally no energy for anything… Feel like there is more fat under my chest for some reason. Not gyno but chest is just extremely flat.

I’m really fcking pissed off guys I was planning this cycle for so long and was very excited. Can’t believe that guy fcked me over like that. I messaged him on facebook asking if had any more serms from brand. I saw that he read my message but never responded back.

life’s a bitch, eh cowboy?

How should I approach this… do I pct? Maybe it was underdosed? The seal had Kalpa labeled on it…

EDIT: Nvm don’t expect you to help me lol you were mocking me on my other thread.

You’re in week 6 so blood levels should have stabilized. Compare your pre-cycle blood work (you got that, right?) with your blood work on cycle and see. The numbers won’t lie.

Well I got blood done before the day before the cycle but I’m not really sure if I want to tell my doctor that I’m taking steroids to get more work done.

www.privatemdlabs.com if you are in a state that does not suck. :slightly_smiling:

I only mocked you a little.

Have you gained weight at all? You’d expect to have jumped up by a few lbs within the first couple of weeks from the extra glycogen retention. Did that happen?

If you’ve literally not gained a pound and your strength hasn’t gone up at all, then yup, it’s bunk.

To be honest it’s actually pretty unusual for test to be fake as it’s so cheap to make. More expensive steroids like var or primo are often substituted with less expensive steroids like winstrol or EQ, but test is usually alright.

If the test was bunk, that’d explain why you’re feeling lethargic. No test + adex = feeling like shit.

Didn’t you say something about MSten a while back, or was that someone else?

But yeah, like the other guy said - bloodwork’s the only way to know for sure.

I have gained a little bit…actually gained a lot in the beginning but that was because I was eating excess calories… my biceps seems more vascular but I think that was just the transition into a hardcore training regime and diet. My physique just looks like shit right now tbh. Looks very estrogen like if I worded that correctly lol

Go to the brand website and enter the product id - it will tell you if it’s legit or not. Of course, your boy could have filled it up with oil and put a shrink wrap seal on it, but they have a function to check. They also verify their distributors so if you bought if from a site, they will tell you if that company is authorized.

Recommend you just take a deep breath and stay the course. Go get a blood test - in addition to the site mentioned above, you can order one from Life Extension, take it to a lab and mail it off, get the results via email. This is all information you can get from research, which is where I got it.

You’re all over the place. If you gained significant weight the first week (I’m talking like 4 or 5lbs which is fairly standard from the increased glycogen) then that would suggest your test is working. Saying that was from increased calories just raises more questions like “why did you stop eating excess calories?” Then you say you feel lethargic, which could be explained by taking an AI with bunk test, as it’d have tanked your oestrogen; or it could be explained by having way too high E if your test is working and you AI is bunk/dosed incorrectly. Now you say your physique looks oestrogen like which is just weird.

Get a blood test. Use privatemedlabs or something, but get a blood test.