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I Think I Did Some Damage.


I think I ate 5500-6000 calories in the last 4 hours. Here is what I ate:

Post training - 100gs of lucky charms, 26g whey protein isolate.

45mins or so later - 580gs of potatoes, 2 nice sized cod fillets..about 50g protein worth. Salad.

15 mins after - 8 ounces greek yogurt with 20gs of casein protein mixed in, cup of coffee.

About an hour after - 6 slices of cheese pizza and a yuengling.

Trip to taco bell - 1 chicken quesadilla, 1 chicken chalupa, 1 volcano burrito.

Last "desert" - kashi chewy bar, half brownie, trix cereal bar, package of peanut butter crackers.

All I can say is...I must have done some damage... Carb backloading and intermittent fasting allows for leeway, but this was way excessive and something I rarely, if ever do. I feel pretty shitty, but I don't think it will impede anything in the long term.

Your thoughts?


If you actually fucking measured the metric weight of your lucky charms, you're fine.


HAHAHA. of course I do...I do every time I eat it..how else would I know the amount of grams of carbs I'm getting from them?

In fact...I weigh just about everything..every day haha.


HAHAHA. of course I do...I do every time I eat it..how else would I know the amount of grams of carbs I'm getting from them?

In fact...I weigh just about everything..every day haha.



Am I the only one obsessive enough to measure out lucky charms? I do so because cereal is my immediate pwo carb source..so I like to know I'm getting approx. 75-100gs of carbs.


^ yes


I think it's kind of that if you're even eating cereal like that you've goofed the diet that day and measuring it is a tad silly.


I'm confused...you really differentiate dextrose/maltodextrin and the simple sugars found in kids cereals? Just as Surge has a measured amount of simple sugars per serving..so do I but in the form of kids cereal or powdered gatorade.

I don't consider that "cheating" or out of my diet..not anymore so than I'd consider drinking a pre mixed pwo recovery drink.


What I do consider cheating..is the shit I ate AFTER the fish and potatoes..everything before that, including the cereal was planned and is always planned for every training day. And yes...I'm lean.


your fucked, you might die




Only one Yuengling?... What a waste of a cheat day. It better have been a Black and Tan or a least a Lager. If you you at bowl of lucky charms and half a pizza and then wasted 100 calories on a Yuengling Light I'll reach through the internet and punch you in the dick.




Surely days like this are just part of enjoying life/eating a little bit? when I have days like this I see them as a good psychological boost to see you through the next period of super strictness.

Also AFAIK we don't have Taco Bell in the UK, but a 'volcano burrito' sounds like a ready-made recipe for a violent bout of 'brown laser'.

These thoughts were brought to you by BrentGoose.


I don't understand any of this.


about a year ago i was surprised to find out that they had yuengling in georgia. i'm not sure why i'm surprised again to find out it's in florida.


To actually answer the OP's concerns for just a moment...

My thinking has always been that despite how horrendous a day's eating may be, your body is only capable of storing so much fat in a given period. Sure this was a bit overboard, but don't obsess about it, just go right back to your usual eating regimen. The bloat associated with large quantities of food being ingested isn't new fat, it just feels like it is -lol.



i find it funny when a woman eats a few pieces of chocolate and she's going to gain 5 pounds from eating that, but she only had about 50g of chocolate.


Okay...I'm saying that I eat lucky charms EVERY training day. This is part of my diet and I factor it into my macros. It is the simple carb source for my immediate post workout. Typically, 75gs of simple carbs by way of lucky charms or other kids cereal, a banana, and a scoop of my on pwo protein blend which is 70% whey isolate, 10% peptopro, 10% hydrolyzed whey, 10% leucine powder, 5gs creatine mono. I mix the protein blend with water, pour half over the cereal and eat..then I drink the other half.

I'm trying to explain to you that I do not see much of a difference (in terms of what it does to your physique) between that of the dextrose found in a pre-made recovery formula OR that of the simple sugars found in kids cereal. I.E. one is more sucrose derived..in the end, they both serve the purpose of a fast absorbing carb source, which also spike insulin pretty well.

..this is why I measure my kids cereal.