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I Think I Did It! But on Accident, at the Wrong Time


I had to share...

In many ways my dieting-down for this fight has been totally unsuccessful.

I started around 193, and here I am four days from weigh-ins and I was 185 this morning, pre-shit (yeah that makes a difference, but I didn't need to go) on the scale. Sad. I think maybe I'm a true 180 totally empty... I will in fact need to do a full ten pounds of water at least to make weight... (I've been keeping myself well hydrated).

On the other hand... my lifts have continued to increase (not lifting this week though) since starting 5,3,1 and I have a six-pack for the first time since being a small child.


So whatever I've been doing, it looks like I successfully burned fat and put on muscle at the same time, with a true net-loss of 10-12 real pounds... if only weight didn't matter.

Hey, I need to excited about something, since I'm in very real danger of not making weight, and even if I do, fully expect to get my ass handed to me this Friday.

But it should be fun.


Nice. what did your other training look like?


What are you competing in and why do you think youll get beat up?

If you expect to get your ass handed to you, you will..


It's a kick-boxing match, 3x3 rounds, 10oz gloves, American Kiokboxing rules.

Tonight was my last night of hard sparring, and I actually feel really good.

I know nothing about my opponent. This could be his first match, this could be his last fight before he goes pro...

My ambivalence is because I've sparred with, and gotten destroyed by more high-level guys than sparred with people around my level. I'm not used to winning: I'm used to surviving. There's another school in town that brings people over to spar every so often. This are their more serious students, and I do really well with them. But that's the only time in my regular training I get to 'win'.

People say it's good to constantly be pushed by people better than you, but I think it's need some balance, and because of it I have developed the kind of "I'm going to get my ass handed to me" attitude on display.


You've got 4 days, (or I guess 3 now) with only 10 pounds to go? That's gravy, brother.

Don't worry about getting beat up in training. It's like those little toy cars, you keep pushing them backwards and they keep winding up. Let it go Friday night.


How many fights do you have so far? I know some kickboxing orgs are shady, but unless your coach is a fuckwad hes going to make sure you fight someone NEAR your experience level. Otherwise Id find a new coach.

Fighting people better than you and getting your ass whopped is GOOD, but hopefully they are providing FEEDBACK.

I believe not all sparring should be hard sparring, if so you will never learn new skills as you will be in "survival mode" constantly. There should be alot of times where you are going lighter, what my coach calls motion sparring, and just working techniques and footwork nice and easy.

It is gratifying to whoop someone your level after having really good people beat you up all the time though.


Remember to post the video, if it's your first fight, have fun and enjoy the ride, don't stress too much

You will be fighting at 170lbs??

better than me, i'm sitting around 220lbs and will fight on august.


You had a 6 pack as a small child? Wow...

Spartiates, drive any thought of losing from your mind. If you're concerned about him beating you you're going to be in a frame of mind of "if he does this, I'm going to do that...if he does that I'm going to do this..."

You own that ring. It's your property. He doesn't belong there. Make him worry about what YOU'RE going to do.

Good luck & let us know how it goes!


Slight exaggeration. But I got very lean with this cut, but didn't lose very much weight at all.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm feeling good.


You're shooting for 170 by Aug?


Hey!!! Fucking 5/3/1 is making my HYOOOGE as well! Good luck this weekend!! post a vid if you can :smiley:


What happened?


Opponent backed out at the last min. and I had no opponent. It was really frustrating. I made weight, was feeling great... fight-night comes, and there's no one to fight.

I know that's really common in amateur (kick)boxing, but it's always very frustrating.


i~m shooting for 185lbs to dehidrate afterwards to 170lbs, but i have high bf, so losing 2 pounds per week or slighty more will bring no trouble or strength loss.


that happened with me on my amateur mma fight, my opponent didn~t show up and a friend of mine who fights and was at the stands agreed to fight me on the spot.


you take 5lbs shits?

now i know not to believe a single thing you say