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i think i broke my nervous system

The last couple weeks I’ve been using 1-6-1-6 rep schemes with deadlifts and rows (on different days). I notice that i’ve been feeling okay after workouts, but a couple hours later, I feel like I’m going to just die. My hands start shaking, pulse races, i get really warm, and I’m STARVED. It lasts a good couple hours. I think I put on a good 4lbs last week just trying to satiate that feeling. Supplementation has been tribex and powerdrive.

Any of you guys experience this type of thing? I need to know if I’m overtraining or if this is normal when you are using protocols that call for explosive lifting (I’m also working on my hang-clean technique with an unloaded bar…) and ‘tricks’ on the nervous system.

Incidentally, my strength seems to keep going up.

If powerdrive does what it claims to do, and it seems to with you, it will increase catecholamine levels. You are therefore probably experiencing something similar to an adrenaline rush. You may what to discontinue use or try lowering the dosage.

Try a choline supplement. They’re cheap. Powerdrive is cholinergic, which means that it promotes acetylcholine synthesis (necessary chemical for learning and memory). It can’t pass the blood-brain layer, but a lecithin/choline supplement has been show to help with neural fatigue in the presence of nootropics. It might refresh your brain.