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I think bodybuilding is making a comeback...

I’ve read previous articles on T-mag saying “bodybuilding is dead.” Well, I think that is ludicrous. Maybe with you older guys’ generation but I’ve noticed a surge of interest with it in the younger generation. I think in large part it is because you older guys have jobs, family, and affairs to attend to that makes the concept of strength training unalluring. I see, just about everybody on my college campus discussing working out, eating healthy etc…just about every male roommate I’ve had goes to strength train, the females of course tend to be more with the aerobics but nonetheless…just recently, I talked with my cousin. He’s 19 and just started working out at a gym for 4 months straight with the assistance of a PT. My other 2 friends whom I haven’t seen since highscool used to be pretty fat if I recall. When I came back, they were ripped as hell and lost a lot of weight within 5-6 months time. I was shocked. They’ve been strength training as well! I remember even at my highschool, it was a popular topic with the guys. In my nutrition class I took on campus, the teacher allowed us to write annonymous questions for her to read alloud. I swear to god, about 90% of them were body-building related. I think you “dinosaurs” need to look at us younger guys for a change. It’s amazing how popular it’s become. Maybe it’s just because I live in California and everybody is pretty health-conscientious here but it seems to be just exploding from what I’ve observed. The only one thing I see that seems to be wrong with the younger guys when it comes to strength training is instead of eating properly, they’d prefer a night of pizza and beer over a healthy dinner. :slight_smile:

You didn’t read Chris’s article very well. He said that top level competitive bodybuilding is dying, dead, self-destructing, whatever… Then he said that lifting weights to be healthy and look better is on the rise. There is a difference between pro-bodybuilding and the resistance training that people do to look better, lose fat, perform better etc. You missed that distinction.

Dinosaurs? Chris is like 29 or 30. I’m 32, but I guess to an 18 year who who knows it all, that’s old. Sigh… I knew everything at 18, 19, and 20 too, then I grew up and realized I didn’t know shit. Funny that, eh?

Good answer TEK, I think Joe is confusing pro-building with “lifting weights to look good for the opposite sex” syndrome. Sure lots of people are on the health kick, and that’s great, but not too many are doing it to compete, as the article stated.

One of two things has happened here. Joe either read only the title of the article and/or skimmed it, or he has a serious reading comprehension problem. It was about competitive bodybuilding, Joe.

Competitive “pro” bodybuilding is dead. However, I urge each of you to check out a natural show in your area. Find out how your local show is drug tested. I think that the natural bodybuilding shows are very competitive and are a lot of fun to attend. I think that those of us who do not use anabolic steroids and/or growth hormones can relate much better to a natural show. Anyways, check it out.

im gonna have to agree with the “older”, or shall i say more knowledgable guys. i am only 20, and i am the only bodybuilder i know at college. in fact, i have never even seen someone who remotely looks/eats like a BBer. sure, everyone works out. sure guys have lost weight since HS, guys have gotten more muscular, etc, but how many of these guys can tell when their muscles are depleted of glycogen and when/how to carb up? as for the healthy eating, sure, they eat some salads during the day, maybe a chicken breast, but i know for a fact i was the only one eating ground buffalo and a yam in my student center, and classmates always ask me why/how i carry a (softshell) cooler with me at all times. getting a six-pack and some nice defined biceps is in, but true hardcore bodybuilding is still underground.

LightandFluffy: I am right with you. Those of us on the forum should go and support the Natural shows. However I won’t be competing in one this year: I’m going to see how well I fare in a “non-drug tested” show. Plus, I like to show how a woman who hasn’t taken drugs and has just trained hard can look.

As for competitve bodybuilding being dead, I believe the Pro end of the sport is rather "kerplunk" - but the local/regional shows are still going strong. And yes, Joe is a bit confused. The "Mens Health" and "Shape" fitness side is popular. And I do think that it is due to the fact that Joe is in California. It's a different story up here in Portland, Oregon.

Patricia: If I were to imagine your physique based on your descriptions you should be able to win the Olympia and on a good day the UFC. How about you let us get a glimpse of all the hype. Maybe ko would be good enough to share a little room on his site.

T-mag Issue 194 reader mail. Too feminine for the Olympia, and as far as the UFC, she needs to work on her ground game, but who knows.

I don’t usually read the mail, so I missed the picture. Very impressive, and yes, too fem for the Oly, by a mile. Now I’m wondering if I should go back and read some of your old posts on diet. You obviously know what you’re talking about.

Patricia know more about the training aspects. I am learning the nutrition/training side, my main strength is food preparation (adjusting recipes for the bodybuilding lifestyle), as its my profession. So if you need a recipe (or tweak one to meet your needs) feel free to ask.

huck: I’m STILL learning about diet and training. I have learned ALOT from the forum alone, which is why I want to compete just one more time. That photo was from a contest last year, and it had been four years since I competed before that show.

Since last year, I will have gained more LBM - so my next show, November 2, I fully intend to be bigger and just as hard. Oh, and *batting eyelashes* just as feminine.

DINOSAURS??? Hrumph! Nice pic Patricia. Thanks for pointing it out KO…you lucky dog you!

Feminine yes, except for those shoulders and arms. I hardly even see guys with that in the gym :slight_smile:

I think you bring up a good point in your post. A lot of guys are working out with weights. Colleges are rushing out to build new excercise facilities. I would bet that over half of all schools have workout facilities that are less than 5 years old! I see a ton of guys with whey protien and creatine. But I’ve found these guys are often times reading Cosmo for Men (aka Men’s Health) and thinking they know what they are doing. When I question them on if they know what they are taking and why, they never do. You should see the confusion when I explain that simply adding a scoop of protien to your day isn’t going to put on the pounds. And you can tell a ton of these guys bench, curl, do a crappy lat pull down series, and that’s about all. As I explain to people, bodybuilding is about symetry and balance, meaning all parts. Point is, sure there are more people working out, but I wouldn’t call what they do bodybuilding, rather they just lift.

To Patricia

Good for you Patricia! Keep it up. I hope you dominate your next show. You appear to be a very gracious person and it would be nice to see the nice guy(gal) win. Good luck!

Great bod, Patricia. I agree with the others; feminine grace with muscle. At least you prove that womens bodybuilding isn’t dead! Keep up the work …and the competitions

If anyone believes that “Natural” contestants don’t or haven’t used vitamin S, you are a bit naive. Yes, there are some who may never have touched steriods, but it is too easy to pass those tests. Hats off to all who really are natural, but don’t think for one moment that it is all real. -V2

for the kind words, people. Much appreciated. Note to LightandFluffy on being “gracious” - I think Ko would have a different word to describe me, something to the tune of “pain in the ass”. grin

As for there being anymore truly "Natural" competitors, I believe there are quite a few. But then, we have to begin distinguishing the term "natural" and if that would indeed include someone who takes, not Vitamin S, but rather a Biotest product like Methoxy-7 or any other supplement like Creatine. I mean, I understand the "banned substances" list, but what would be considered natural anymore? How about "steroid (drug) free" - of which I am and will remain to be.

One way of showing support to local shows, is to become a judge. You're disturbed by the current situation of competitive bodybuilding? Try making a difference WITHIN the organization (NPC, etc). Go to a judging clinic, some larger state and regional shows have clinics on the Friday before a contest. You would then perform a "test judging" at the show. Great learning experience. Go to www.getbig.com -and contact your NPC State Representative to get a list of upcoming clinics/shows. Also, at this website is a list of ALL the other BB orgs in the country. Including the Natural/Drug Tested orgs. I encourage any of you to check them out, too.