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I, Teenager?

(I skimmed like half of the article , going to read it after I post this so bare with me.)
Anyway, your a what 30-40 year old guy and 30 pound gains in 6 weeks (Natural) is absolutely amazing for ANYBODY (People who are " on the juice " gain what 10-20 pounds in about the same amount of time?)

I think you guys have single handily revolutionized the art of muscle hypertrophy (If the clams are true, Not doubting you at all you look amazing in the pictures) with this program and we only have a taste of it.(I’m giddy as a school girl over it if you can’t tell.)

Enough of that little rant lets get to the question already. Your a 30 year old guy (still not sure on the age) with slowly declining test levels. I was wondering what the effects would be like on a teenager with high test levels (I got tested and total was like 910ng/dl) or even if you would recommend this to a dedicated teenager (16 years old , 4 year training experience) once it comes out.

I’d be willing to log this with your recommendation (Bar the cost of the Anaconda I can feel it in my bones it’ll be pricey) when it comes out.

im curious if it will be reccomended for teens or not, im turning in 20 in the fall, but my numbers SUCK and ive only trained for about a year and half…a lot of that had to be time off/rehab because i caused myself some nasty injuries :(. Im assuming it won’t be reccomended for anyone who’s been training SERIOUSLY for less then 3-4 years