I Swear I Don't Skip Leg Day

^^ thats so true

Also lunges worked great for me. Lunge your little heart out and each session try to beat the amount you did last time.

Nothing has worked as good on getting my quads to pop out.

For quads, Front Squats in different rep ranges, heavy dumbbell lunges, and cycling sprints with an extremely tough gear setting have always worked for me. I always had really large and well defined quads in high school, assuming from sports, but I also rode this old as 21 speed bike that was broken and only had 2 working gears, both tough and I really think that worked to keep my knees very healthy and add a little size to boot.

Whoa, bunch of replies out of nowhere! Thanks for the advice, guys! I’ve had to cut down on the cardio actually just because I did way too much too soon and my achilles tendons let me know it, so when I do add it back in I’m definitely going to be doing less. My legs seem to be responding better, I’ve been gaining a little mass after adding in a lot more volume especially as far as front squats go combined with heavier back squats. I’ve never been able to do lunges because they destroy my knees, which really sucks since I have heard that they’re awesome for building up some mass.