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I Suspected Fat People Were Dumb





Damn now stack that on top of all the other side effects. Eh you know as well as me. Won't make that much of an impact for most. They'll shrug it off and an hour or two later will be eating ho-hos and ding-dongs...


I lolled x2


You kind of have to take into consideration that the study was done on 70 year old people. What this shows is that when one becomes old, things start to go haywire, and the more stress, the worse it is. Being obese is a pretty big stressor.
Plus, I'm guessing that the obese old people probably have more diabetes, heart disease, decreased circulation. It may be the side effects of being obese and 70 ie. diabetes, that makes the brain shrink.
It just seemed to me that this article wasn't showing the whole picture.


I just read the article more thoroughly sp? . It did mention the side effects of being obese, but it didn't really make any attempt to correlate those with the brain shrinkage.


Obese people in their 70's...