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I Suck - Making Stupid Posts


Man I have made some retarded ass posts.. There's the


and who could forget the


I wish these 2 could be deleted from my account



and then theres the I suck one


lol weve all had our share


at least now that you've made this thread everyone will know you're dumb.


Kelly's heros ?


I know fatty


That was the point of this thread



At least you freely admit this, the light never dawns on some people.


Yeah, I try not to post too much so as to avoid this kind of thing. T-Nation'ers can be harsh sometimes, I guess you have to hang around for a while to figure out the taboos.


I did some serious damage to the internet when I was in high school. Every day I pray to God, whom I don't even believe in, that nobody ever finds my shit from the late 90s.


aww that was a low blow.

besides, i've lst over 20 lbs since then.


Haha! Yeah, I used to go into the AOL chat rooms and talk trash back in the day when I was a little punk. Of course, some might say I'm still a little punk...


Good deal! You kept the muscle, I hope...


of course. although i'm a bit deflated due to low glycogen stores, but that's to be expected... no real strength loss at all besides the slight decline over football season and my recent surgery.


I say, fuck it. It would be pretty boring if everybody had something relavant to say. It's the "stupid" posts that can make things al little interesting and break up some of the monotony.


Yes, the trolls and silly ones do liven things up a little. I mean, I think Balla gave everyone amusement they'll never forget.


You are being too hard on yourself. I created a devious joke thread about giving my daughter (who is 7) a vibrator. Put it in the ladies section, knowing the mods would move it over here, pissed off a lot of people. It was fun but I've given up trolling. Would love to just blank out the whole thing.

WRT your 3rd link: the average Roman soldier weighed 135. He marched 20 miles or so, often go into pitched battle, then build a fort EVERY NIGHT! After all this, they finally got to eat that day. These guys were human tigers! You can be 135 and fucking awesome!


I would say that being able to look back and regret making certain threads is a good thing.

It shows that you're more knowledgable than before.

Nothing wrong with making mistakes (except when the mistakes can't be rectified). It's how we learn, after all...


Don't forget to link this one:



I think thats when if you were 6' 0" and 200Lbs you were considered a giant. I mean seriously, the autopsies on people of this time were pretty conclusive that the average height of a man was around 5' 5". Now they may have been tigers for thier time, and relative to other small man, but lets not get carried away. They would be outmatched Physically in just about anything by the athletes of today, even the average ones.



he didn't