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<i>Stretching Scientifically</i> vs. <i>Relax Into Stretch</i>

Okay, I’m slowly getting my flexibility back after taking a year off from TaeKwonDo. Although I consider myself pretty flexible, I’m STILL far away from completing the side splits.

So I’ve made two goals this year:

  1. Get my 6 pack
  2. Do the splits and touch my head to the floor

Now I've always wanted to do that thing where you're flat on your back on the ground, then flip up on your feet..(what is it called?) but I'll wait until next year for that one..

Anyways, after searching this forum for feedback on these two books, I want to know how people feel now about it. What worked? What didn't? Or is there a new "stretching" type book out there now which would help? (ie. an Ian King written one or something)??

Thanks for any help!

I bought stretching scientifically and did achieve the box splits in 7 weeks. Its a good book with lots of theory, so you dont just get a book which says do this, you get an explanation as well. I havent read Pavels book though i’d recommend SS simply because it works. As for the flippy-uppy thing off your back, it only took me 2 weeks to do, just try it every day, i can do it now with no hands easy-peasy. Laters.

These two sites have helped me quite a bit.
Download the PDF from the following link.
- Brad Appleton’s PDF
The following link is the first part of a seven part series.
Thomas Kurz

hey you only practiced that flippy-uppy thingy for 2 weeks and got it down? did you practice any certain way? how old/tall are you and how much do you weigh? this may be a baseless observation but i’ve only seen people w. relativley low (<8% i’d guess) bf% be able to do that…i’m at about 9/10% myself

That move is called a “kip-up”. It requires pretty darn good ab strength for sure. I used to do them at 240 lbs, a few years ago in college and HS. I’m 300 lbs now, and I can’t do it. I’m not sure how much flexibility it requires, but then I’m quite flexible naturally. As a side note, if you ever watch pro wrestling, there are 2 guys who do them regularly during their matches: the Rock and Kurt Angle. Rock is about 270, Angle is probably 245. If you don’t know, they both have impressive athletic backgrounds: Angle is a gold medalist in freestyle wrestling (96 games) and Rock was a starting DT for the Miami Hurricanes, ahead of Warren Sapp. Just thought I’d spread the knowledge and the love :slight_smile:

The flippy-uppy thing, well, all i did was try it every day till i got bored (usually after 10 min but i was 16 at the time and didnt know shit about training :slight_smile: Now im 20 and have found that size etc plays no difference in it. Ive gone from 9% BF to 15% BF and been able to do it no problems, currently im at 10-11% BF 190lbs and 5’11, if that helps. Just remember its not like training to increase your bench, instead its all about getting the technique right, just keep at it, after a day or 2 you’ll find yourself getting closer and closer to achieving it. Its one of those things that looks impressive (I can hold nunchuks in front of me and do it, now that looks impressive :slight_smile: but is deceptively easy to learn, remember, its all technique.

Thanks for the tips guys! Sonny, I don’t know who finally told you what a “kip-up” was, but THANKS! It’s amazing how something that’s performed a lot is never given a name, if you know what I mean. As for WWF wrestlers, don’t forget Owen Hart. He did it constantly, and his BF looked avg (for a wrestler)…but it was still mega-impressive to see him do it.

I’ll be now checking out those two links above and seeing where I can buy “Stretching Scientifically” from…thanks all!