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I Stole Everything From Some Guy's Truck


I totally stole EVERYTHING out of some guy's truck last night. His subs, his radio, a pair of work gloves, 60 bucks worth of tow straps and his sledgehammer. I think he knows it was me and I am concerned he is going to 'confront' me about it, if you know what I mean. What are yalls thoughts on what I should do?

I think he overheard me talking to my friends about stealing his stuff after he pulled into the driveway. (He is my neighbor FYI). In retrospect we probably shouldn't have been talking so loud but we were all still amped up after I punked some guy for $20 who was trying to buy weed from me.


Get a high five from all of your friends.


Get a swiss army knife and talk to ahzaz he seems to do pretty good in these situations.




oooooohhhhh...i see what you did here. ha.


I think you better worry, any guy who carries a sledgehammer in his truck probably isn't a panzy. In any case, you deserve to get your ass kicked.


I fucking love T-Nation.


Must be bored today, huh? Maybe your common sense stopped tingling...

On a real note, not that you would care, but the guy who really got his stuff stolen probably doesn't appreciate being made fun of about it. But hey, what do you expect when you ask internet people questions like that, right?


I think you should blow his truck up... I can sell you some dynamite.


shank him




hmmm sounds very related to another post, unfortunately you guys are in different countries


You must be joking right? I'm bored so I'll bite. One people who steal other people's shit are idiots. Two if you did and he catches you, you deserve to have your ass beat. Three I hope this thread was for attention because you obviously need it. Four Did you get the response you were looking for? Additional note: Not funny but kinda funny.


I hope he buys a new sledge,wraps it in barbed wire and shoves it up your ass.


Well, since the guy's a troll, why would he give a shit?



subtle trolling is subtle


haha he got a number of good responses :slight_smile:


Now in his defense, I have read some meaningful posts from him, I think..., who am I kidding, I just like his avatar. Oh, Matty, I didn't know Cali and Texas were in different countries.


I have the flu and while I feel bad for the brudda that lost his stuff in the other thread I gotta say thanks for the laugh. You made me feel better than I have in days.


Lol, there is another thread where the op said he got punked for $20, I think its called "serious issue beef with dealer," the op was from Ontario, Canada....unless there is an Ontario Texas that I dont know of.