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I Still Need Work


I competed twice in the NPC. The first time was last June; I placed 5th. The second time was last November, and I placed 4th.

Ok, so I'm placing a bit better at a snail's pace.

Do I just not have the physique they're looking for?

Either way, I'll still compete just for the "fun" of it. I refuse to force myself to lose muscle on my legs. I will not conform to thinner legs and a wider upper body. Maybe one day my physique will be "in."


Moving from 5th to 4th is sill nothing to sneeze at.
More poses might be helpful.


agreed more poses.


back double bi? :stuck_out_tongue:

looking great by the way


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You are hot.


Actually, Venus has been posting here a long time - she's got lots of pics up from previous threads.

Looking awesome V!! : )


Glad you remembered :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, you all are right. I will be posting up more pics.

Thanks for your feedback.


Unforunately the judging is not consistant. My girl Meridth won The LA Championships, looked perfect and competed in The USA and got penalize for being to muscular. She is Pro material, the girl that won that class was a joke. Getting back to you, I believe you look stunning and perfect, however I am not a judge and they are looking for wider shoulders and less muscular legs. You will be only so good, unless they change again and they are known to do that. Best wishes for future shows.


Keep at it, your time will come, I think the judges get more familiar with you every year. Eventually it will be your time!


I can't decide about you legs. I probably would need a much closer examination. No, actually you look great.


very nice


Thanks for all the feedback. I'm still going to compete regardless if I win or not, maybe one day my physique will be what they're looking for...until then, I'll just enjoy displaying all my hard work as much as I can.


Thanks for all the feedback :slightly_smiling:

As I mentioned before, regardless of the current standards for Figure, I will still compete hoping that one day my physique is what the judges are looking for. Until then, I'll have "fun" displaying all my hard work hoping to place a little better than the last time.


Looking great Venus.

The only thing I can really tell from this pic and a few in your profile is just that your upper body doesn't seem wide enough compared to your legs. I mean your quads come out as wide as your delts, or at least looks like it. I'm not sure exactly how muscle works in figure comps but my normal suggestion would be to work on back width and delts to fix those proportions.


mandatory picture please


IMO, muscular legs on a women are not only attractive, but aesthetically pleasing in what should be an ideal physique, the reason why i agree is men its about shoulder width, women it should be about, tone, legs, back, not some sort of ridiculously wide shoulder to waist ratio, with wings that would make a flying squirrel envious... then again just my opinion...


Great legs, very well developed.