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I Started Playing Pokemon Again


seriously. And it's fun. Hopefully d2 will be exciting again after I beat yellow version.

Anyone else play this? The old ones are making a comeback lol.


I think of myself as a master of sarcasm but im missing it in this post.


I used to love that game. Pokemon for gameboy was an unreal time.

Those days are done tho if I got caught gaming Pokemon the chirps would never end.


I play pokemon yellow whenever I go take a shit


My eighteen year old daughter is still going strong. She's had every gameboy out and every pokemon game. Don't get me started on how much money I have invested in Pokemon cards. I'm totally jealous!


I'm not gonna lie. That shit is still fun to play.


Well, this is going to bump be up hardcore in geekery (I'm okay with it.) I actually bought this DS a little while back because I thought it looked cool as hell:

Although I haven't played a Pokemon game in ages (Except for Snap for the 64, I'll still boot that up now and then,) I'm thinking about picking up a newer version for the DS.
If you think about, they're really just kick-ass RPG games that are a bit kiddy.

I really wish they'd make an 'adult' version, or one that you can make your monsters actually rip the shit out of each other and stuff like that.


Whoops, I must have accidently logged onto E-nation! :wink:


PSP FTW!!! :slight_smile:


I have my CFW v 5.00 ms33-4 coming on monday or tuesday can't wait to mod my psp and put some games on it.


No... no more pokemon...

I've spent a total of 3611 hours playing...

I was addicted.


Custom Firmware v5.00 !!!! Damn been some time since I last updated my XMB. Its still running with 3.90 M33 lol. Best overall game so far for me for the psp has been god of war chains of the olimpus. Excellent story, excellent graphics, excellent controls...it is THAT good.


I will be putting Dissidia on my psp. I will also put on a super nintendo emulator and get donkey kong.


D2 Classic?

google "Fredster54 builds" and u will pwn


Best gameboy games ever, but they started to take it to far. Those red, blue, green versions were just great


only noobs play classic, IMO.

sorry live.

east exp or d2pk is where it's at.


dude classic owns.

fuck playing Exp. rune shit is gay, hacked level 2 hammerdins+whirlwind+tele is gay.


dude i thought yellow version was going to be so sick. i got it for my Bday and it was just Red+pikachu at start, mad fucking homo.




says the guy with a 280x5 deadlift.

when your deadlift is lower than someone's bench, you might want to > Run Away