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I Start In The Morning

I start my new lifestyle tomorrow, November 19th. Eating a large, healthy breakfast and 2 more smaller meals a day really watching carbs in the last 2 meals. I will be weight training 3 days a week with some sort of cardio 5-6 days a week. At first, my cardio may just be walking but hopefully that wouldn’t last long. Hopefully I can stick with this and be a new person by next year at this time…

My stats right now:
319 pounds
40+ percent body fat
Maxes, vert, and 40 times are all unknown

I have pics but I don’t know how to load them from my iPad.

I think this is gonna work?

I have to load them 1 at a time…

Last one.

Good Luck Man!

Best advice to stay motivated and be consistent is to record EVERYTHING in this thread. Tell us exactly what you ate during the day and what workouts you did. People on this site can be very supportive and helpful as long as you dont have a big ego and are not a troll.

Sounds good… I’ll kinda use this as my diary. Next time I take pics, I use something better than my iPad… Also, I’m going to try to keep a workout and food log in a notebook.