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I Squatted 225 x 30 This Week

Just sharing with the 35+ group to get us all fired up. I’m 41 and been doing Wendler 5/3/1 for a few years now, but started throwing in 20-rep squats to change things up a bit. Started with body weight squats for 20 reps ( I wasn’t used to high reps), added on the bar, went to 135lbs a week later, and then just started adding on weight. I got as high as 255 x 20, and then this week had 225 lbs on my back and just went for broke.

I realize doing 225 x 30 is questionable…it won’t be a regular staple in my training journal, it just sort of happened.

The set was probably almost 4 minutes long. It was free weights, good form, no spot. I’ll try to film a video this week using my iPad and post it on this forum. I’m 6’1", 215lbs.

Again, just trying to get you guys fired up!

Great job

I could likely do that for maybe at a stretch 15, so all the power to you. (endurance).

I’d have a heart attack at 12…good work.

225 for 30 is a nice accomplishment to remember forever. Have you tried breathing squats. You may be able to use heavier weights for rep ranges in the 20 region. A number of years ago, about 11, I maxed out at 405 for 20 reps of breathing squats. The set took me about 8 minutes to complete and it was one of the most exhilarating, proud accomplishments I can remember in the weight room. Good work and I’m sure you have more in you.

Too Proraven, That’s great,it’s actually a lot better than double that.I have used heavy weight’s in the past,and the end result is injury.I watched a video by Kai greene and he used 30Lb’s d.b’s for curl’s.I believe your high rep is way better,and a guarantee that growth will follow.Also inadvertintly you are doing cardio and speeding-up your metabolism and disposing of excess bodyfat.Keep it up bro,maybe incorporate it into chest,back etc. johnny

nice work. Impressive.