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I should have listened to you guys

OK. I’m an idiot. You guys told me to ease up with my trainning volume and I didn’t. I was doing a back and shoulder workout and after my 4 sets of DB presses i tok a deep breath and the left side of my neck and trap got hit with this horrible cramping/shooting pain. So it looks like i’m gonna be racked for awhile. Anyone have any ideas on what i can do to speed up recovery. Anything will help. Thanks. -Jake

I’m waiting to hear the usual influx of ART suggestions!

I will tell you what NOT to do, keep Lifting!!! Sounds like you have a similiar injury to what I had nine months ago, only mine was from a decline bench press. I tried to suck it up and keep lifting and also played golf. Nine months later, guess what? My back is still f’d up. I am not saying this will be the case with you at all, but I would definitly take it easy for while. Ice, Rest, light stretching, and possibly ART. If you are looking to speed up the healing process, read up on Wobenzym. A lot of people swear by this stuff. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

See a good physical therapist.

And look at this as a good thing - that’s one more mistake you will never make again!

what about nutrition/supplement wise?Any vitamins or aminos that i could take? I know that fats have an anti-inflamitory effect.

It sounds like it’s only a muscle strain, where a muscle fiber ruptures. There are two mistakes that you can make that will slow down your recovery:

  1. lifting too heavy, like the workouts that led to the injury in the first place;
  2. avoiding exercise altogether.

Icing the injured area will also help speed recovery.

But, since you’ve had a lot of these minor injuries lately, you are probably overtrained. Your body is geared toward breaking down, not building up. Also, if you’re frequently rupturing muscle fibers, that means your motor patterns (instructions from your brain to your muscle fibers) are impaired, not working properly. This is a CNS issue. This could also be due to muscular imbalances which are getting worse from your current workouts. Addressing imbalances goes a long way toward keeping you injury-free.

Take 2 weeks off from lifting and do completely different kinds of things instead. For example, stretch every day and swim or ride a bike, or whatever you don’t normally do.

You could also benefit greatly from stress reduction and relaxation. Play relaxing music, particularly while stretching. Use meditation 20 minutes a day, or whatever relaxation technique most appeals to you. Perhaps use Power Drive every day for your CNS.

It sounds like you haven’t YET had a serious injury. Muscle sprains heal rapidly. BUT the frequency is a major warning sign. If you don’t address your problems now, you will really regret it when you blow a tendon, ligament, or disc. You can’t grow while you’re injured.

I’ve also noticed my hands,specifically my left hand, are shaing when I hold them out or when i go to reach for something. Is this a sign of my CNS being fried?

sorry…i meant shaking

I jst ordered some power drive. will it really help my CNS recover? ANd can i use in cunjunction with antidepressants?

A good accupuncturist will be able to assist you…no b.s. I had a shoulder injury that wouldn’t even let me lift my arm without excruciating pain…sleeping was agony when I shifted positions…so at the suggeston of someone I trusted I checked out accupuncture…and the same day I was back to punching and lifting…cood stuff there. As long as you don’t wait too long…the suggested time (to the best of my knowledge) is within a week of injury…the sooner the better.

Good luck.

jake, the shaking is from the Wellbutrin. When I read your other post asking about antidepressants, I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t your doctor tell you about these “side” effects? S/he SHOULD have told you not to even drive a car! And Power Drive, I’d have to say no, don’t take it with a powerful CNS stimulant like Wellbutrin. Who knows what it will do.

Wellbutrin will impair your nervous system and motor control. You will probably be very vulnerable to injuries while lifting, as long as you are on it. Frankly, in my opinion, the downsides vastly outweigh any benefit from this drug. I would exhaust every other treatment before considering this one. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, diet, cardiovascular exercise, 5-HTP, and if you smoke, you must stop. And if nothing else works, then be sure to educate yourself about the side effects of this drug, and the lifestyle adjustments you’ll have to make, and decide for yourself whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

I haven’t been taking it. i am considering getting on it. So what should i tak if wellbutrin i so dangerous. And my doctor hasn’t approved me to take therms on it. i ws just curious

800 mg ibuprofen every 8 hours with lots of food.

20 minutes ice EVERY waking hour for the first three days. On the fourth day alternate heat and ice as often as possible, at least 4 times daily.

Oh, good. Are you taking any other stimulants, like thermogenics? Those will cause your hands to shake. Even caffeine will.

What’s your diet like? Do you smoke?

andersons…what do you do? i see your a doctor but what do you specialize in?

jake, I’m not a doctor, yet. I’m a Ph.D. candidate in Cognitive Science at a major research university. I’m doing research on motor learning and performance, specifically in piano performance. I do experiments and construct quantitative models of how the brain works in certain tasks.

Now you’re probably sorry you asked. :slight_smile:

ART works. If you dont think so, you are an idiot.

After learning more about jakewnet44’s situation through PMs, I think it’s safe to say that ART in this case would be like adding STP oil treatment to a car that has run out of gas and has a blown engine besides. ART can be useful, but IMO is probably trivial and not fundamental here.

In Jake’s case, he has been taking a prescription drug that is contraindicated for a pre-existing condition he had, as well as overdosing on a powerful supplement that is contraindicated with the drug. Suffice it to say, this is beyond the scope of ART.

As a side note to the above, it’s really crucial, when asking for advice, to describe ALL relevant major health issues, and medications AND supplements being taken. This applies to asking a doctor’s advice, too. You go in to ask about one problem, the doctor prescribes a drug he would NEVER prescribe if he knew about your other pre-existing conditions. Or he would prescribe something different if he knew the big picture of what’s wrong with you.

“ART works. If you dont think so, you are an idiot.” -Goldberg

With all respect dude, if you think ART fixes everything related to imbalances or musco-skeletal disorder, then you’re the idiot.

Hey seanc read what i said. Did i say that ART fixed you everything in regards to musculoskeletal imbalances? Read it again. Read it carefully. But for anybody to dismiss ART right off the bat is crazy. If i had any type of soft tissue injury, the very first thing i would do would be to go see my ART guy. The very first thing. Have you had ART seanc? Who did it? What was the injury? I have had ten soft tissue injuries and/or imbalances that have been totally fixed in the last two years. I speak with great experience on the subject. What is your experience?