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I seen you at the bar on Friday night - Ouroboro_s



The reason for the plate is so you can stand on it for leverage. Basically smaller square tubing that fits into larger square tubing.


I like your new toy! Very nice! I would have just drilled a hole and welded a nut on utbfor the set screw. Yours is much prettier!


Now I know why it’s so big. That must weigh a ton or is it bolted to wood?


It just weights a ton!


Don’t think I’ve visited your log yet, was just expecting to see lifting stuff and the first thing that popped up was your nice looking doggo. I like to take my boy to conservation areas too.

I see you guys like to chat about other stuff too so I’ll probably visit again. Kewl, nice lifts btw.


I hope you stop by again. Do you have a log anywhere? I follow a few in the log section buy mostly just the women’s.


Week 8 Day 2 - pre-meet deload


paused bench

That’s it. I’m good to go. I found out the other day though, that there is one bathroom with one toilet at the venue. There are 40 lifters, their coaches, spectators, volunteers and officials. I am, literally, expecting a shit show. I’m annoyed that a meet was sanctioned at this venue. I contacted the meet director to find out if any plans had been made for this like porta potties. Nope. There’s a bathroom in the restaurant next door.

I’m lifting in the morning and reffing in the afternoon. If I’m held up unduly for either of these due to bathroom issues, I’ll be complaining to our technical head as both a lifter and official.


Good luck!


Yes ma’am, not much action in it yet so I enjoy visitors. I’ll stop by again for sure.

Don’t Ever Mistake My Kindness For Weakness

I don’t know how to properly link it, sorry. Still kind of new to this place, that’s what my log is called though.


I’ll look for it. Thanks for telling me the name. It’s difficult to tell from log names who’s is who’s.


Meet recap.

Squat warm ups went well enough
My opener was 102.5 so around 226. My first was heavy and I couldn’t lock it out. My second was worse. My lower back was lit up and crazy. I passed on my third and withdrew from the meet. I would not have got it on my third regardless.

That was pretty disappointing and surprising. All my training was solid and 10 days before I had hit 225 for a couple of easy singles. However, when you do something often enough, things can go sideways and there are disappointing days just like there are amazing days.

I was talking to one of the new lifters who is around my age and in my weight class. There aren’t many of us. She said before the meet she was looking at who she was competing against and saw my name. She told me I’m amazing. That was a nice ego boost. We chatted for a while about the sport and how people are generally very welcoming and supportive.

Frank competed as well. Funnily enough he’s been plagued with injuries and issues; most recently with his right shoulder. Multiple times he was going to pull out and not risk further injury. He ended up having a pretty solid day. Not his best but far from his worst and a solid step in the right direction. Everything looked good.

We reffed the afternoon session and went out for dinner with an old friend. It was an exhausting day but over all pretty fun.


Ahhhh! That stinks! But glad you had a good time anyway, and got an ego boost to boot!


AHH!! That sucks! I hope your back is feeling ok now! And you are amazing! I’m sure that fellow lifter told her friends about meeting and chatting with you too!!


I’m fine and my back is good but something is going on. I don’t actually think it’s my back but maybe my glutes or hips. It’s like something completely shut off forcing my back to bear all the weight. I’m getting it checked out with my ART guy.


New cycle prepping for nothing in particular for now…

Week 1 day 1


Viking press
25lbs on bar for 12
These were fun a different type of movement for me.

Fall outs

super set with

Reverse Hyper

My brother called yesterday and has an off cut sheet of 4’x6’ 1/16 steel. I’m going to cut it to 4 pieces of 2’x3’, stack them and use them to fabricate a welding table. The 4 sheets stacked will be 1/4" and should be a beefy enough top. I have a plan in my head but this may have to wait for the spring.


This is definitely my experience with the two powerlifting meets that I have attended. The people are AWESOME.

Sorry to hear about the meet, that would be frustrating. I’m glad it didn’t result in an injury!


I hope you get it figured out soon. I have had my shoulder do that, like it just quit for second, scsry stuff!


Week 1 Day 2

Paused bench

Bench - partials off the chest
65-12 clusters of 3 reps


Landmine press
10 on bar-10
15 on bar - 2x10

Landmine twist

Training was fast today. I skipped dinner because we had a client Christmas lunch at the Mandarin and I still had a food baby from that. I can eat an enormous amount in a short time and then regret it for hours later. Still, it was delicious at the time.


Week 1 Day 3

We started late today. I spent the afternoon with my daughters making our Christmas chocolate. We do it every year and have a nice gab while doing it.

Sumo deadlift

T bar row

SSB squat

core stuff
I was trying to replicate something I’d seen in a video. One foot is elevated out beside you. One hand is on the floor like a side plank and the leg not elevated is knee to chest and then out in front of you. I did 3 sets of 5 reps per side and they were hard.


It sounds kinda like a game of Twister!