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I seen you at the bar on Friday night - Ouroboro_s



Week 17 Day 1

So we decided to join the gym for the summer 3 months for a bit of a change. We trained there for this work out.

200-2x3 add belt
I’m pretty sure this bar was light but am assuming 45lbs because I have no way of weighing it.

Swiss bar bench
105-1 felt super heavy
I assume this is like our bar and weighs 50lbs. However the handles are a slightly different configuration and force a narrower grip which, holy crap, makes it much harder.

DB pull overs


A couple of minutes playing in their obstacle course. This is a link to pictures of the obstacle course set up rigging. https://www.amazingfitnessclubs.com/obstacle-course-boxing-studio.html


We definitely need some video on this! Is that a salmon ladder?


Looks like they’re getting ready for that Ninja competition thingy show. Would have been great to do, maybe 25 years ago.


I’m not quite sure what a salmon ladder is but all of it looks like fun.


Week 17 Day 2

Paused bench

Bench tng
bar plus some chains for 16

This was at the new gym and was a tough set up. I like my bench with the suede upholstery. I find benching at commercial gyms challenging. Most of them are too low, too narrow and slippery af.


T-bar rows (I think that’s what it was. You load plates on a peg, bend over and row it.)

Fall outs

Ring pull ups - 5

Like typical, I find Wednesday workouts a bit of a grind. Today I’m achey and out of sorts.

My last welding class was Tuesday night and I discovered one of the women in the class goes to that gym. Also, the instructor showed us a plasma cutter. It blew my mind. I brought in my new welder and spent the class getting more comfortable with it in a controlled environment. It’s getting better.


Week 17 Day 3

Sumo deadlift

SSB box squat
The SSB bar is different at this gym than our bar. The camber on our bar is in line with the handles. This one actually has a front and a back and it took a few sets to figure it out.

Cable row

Paused bench

Pull ups
6, 5


Week 18 Day 1

This was in our home gym because the local gym was closed for Canada Day.

This was all a mess and a bit disappointing for my last heavy squat day before the meet. Everything felt heavy. However, it wasn’t all that surprising. We had 35 degree heat since Thursday and crazy humidity.

Swiss bar bench

DB pull overs

Reverse hyper

Mid afternoon I went out to a local conservation area with my dog and two daughters. Part way back we got caught in quite a thunderstorm. We were all soaked to the skin. The nice part was feeling kind of cool.


Now you had the bad day so the meet day will be good.


We are all wishing it would drop to 35…lol


I kind of think I was also affected by too many alcools and a bit of smoking. Long weekends you know :smile:


Week 18 Day 2

Back in the commercial gym…

Paused bench
120-1 (This is around my second attempt and if I can do it on the shitty, narrow, too low commercial bench, I feel good for the meet)

155 plus some heavy chains - 4

DB Bench

Cable face pulls

Pull ups
6, 5, 1
I also played around with the rock climbing hand holds doing pull ups. I managed one pull up with finger tips.


Week 18 Day 3

Conventional deadlift

SSB Squat

Paused bench

Fingertip pull ups
This lit up my upper back later in the evening. They were done on the fun climbing area in the commercial gym. The grips hang from ropes from the ceiling. It’s a bit of a stretch to get my hands on them. I had to do them with my squat shoes on. With the shoes off, my feet sink too far into the foam to let me reach the grips.

This evening I did some measurements for the deadlift jack I’m planning. I think I’ll pick the material up next Friday and some extra pieces for my grinder to cut some of the metal. There is a small rogue jack in the commercial gym but I don’t care for it. I think the vertical arm is too long meaning it requires too much force to jack the plates up. It doesn’t need to be 2" off the floor. 1/2" does the job.

Next week is my pre-meet deload and I have to cut a bit of weight.


Good luck!


Meet results. Not my best meet. I went 4 for 9. Not my worst either. Despite a poor personal performance a pulled a few things off and won my weight class.

BW 56.7kg [125)

102.5 (226} good
107.5 {237} slow to come up and the spotters grabbed the bar. However, they did so before the head ref told them to so I was offered a do over at the end of the seconds. I did it and it was slow again but I got it and go 3 whites.
110 {242.5} nope

Regardless of how ugly this was, it’s still a 2.5kg squat pr at this weight class

52.5 {116} good. However, it took forever to get a start commend because my feet were pulling up at the sides. It had to rerack and reset with 20 seconds on the clock. I got it just under the wire. The weight is one I’ve gotten many times but I’ve never pulled a lift out of my backside with the clock running down to the end. I’ve seen it happen many times and always admired when people could stay calm and get it done.
55 {121} - nope
55- nope
By this time by back was tight af from all the rigamarole on my opener

135 {298) good
142.5 (314) couldn’t lock it out and passed on my third. I could tell my how my back felt that it was done for the day. I’ve passed on my third in a few meets now.

Total 295 (650) 10 kg less than my last meet. However, a small PR and a couple personal non number related accomplishments. The meet venue was hot as crap and everyone was feeling it. On my opening deadlift, I thought I was going to go over backwards from light headedness and all my squats felt terrible. I had pedialyle and lots of water but that’s the worst heat related environment I’ve ever lifted in. The spotters and loaders must have felt like crap.

Regardless, I had a fun time and met a few new lifters that I hope stick around.


Congratulations on the PR and the othwr accomplishments ! Sorry to hear things didn’t go as planned. Glad you had a good time though. Heat can really take a lot out of you.


Congrats on the win. Meeting other competitors his half the fun. I’ve learn how to read the lady lifter numbers on here. Your 298 dl = 2.38 x your bw which would be a 536# dl for me. Impressive.


If you want to be completely accurate, you’d apply the wilks formula and adjust for gender. Assuming you weigh 200lbs, that would put you at 506lb deadlift. The ratio to body weight begins to break down the bigger you get. It’s nothing to me to pull double body weight for reps but for a woman who weights 150, that’s a different story. You can’t really apply bw ratio because it’s much harder with larger mass.

Having said that, there was a fairly new lifter who weighed 46.6 and pulled 140. She’s got a good future.


Post meet deload Day 1

I did a bunch of everything

leg press
hack squat
over head press
isolateral row

various sets and reps that aren’t all that interesting.

The most fun was playing in the climbing area. There is a set of wooden stairs that you hang from and climb by your hands. I was pretty excited to get up two steps.


Post meet deload Day 2

Again a bunch of things…

DB Bench
DB shoulder press
Incline Bench
Decline Bench
Leg Press

I’ve never really done much incline or decline benching. It kind of threw me off a bit how the bar drifts away from or towards your face depending on whether it’s incline or decline.

I finished up playing in the climbing area. I was able to go up and down the steps. Boy my lats are lit up today though.


You did great, that looks like fun…and hard!

…just one more, there is no more, uhh, then I guess don’t do any more -that made me laugh!