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I seen you at the bar on Friday night - Ouroboro_s



Looked up the hyper machine and now I’m really impressed on the weights you’re doing on it.


I think that the reverse hyper, like a lot of machines, varies considerably on weight moved depending upon the design.

Mine looks like this. It has an extra joint in the bottom that can shorten the lever.


Week 16 Day 2

Paused bench



Ring leg raises

BB Shrugs

Reverse Hyper


your bench is getting great!


Thanks for the kind words. It’s approaching average at any rate. I added a third day in and the swiss bar seems to be helping as well.


Week 16 day 3

Sumo deadlift
That’s the heaviest I’m going before the meet. Next week is 240 for some doubles and the week after is some light conventional.

295 is my typical opener and I was glad it came up today. Last night I spent 4 agonizing hours assembling a dresser from IKEA. While it wasn’t heavy work it was a lot of bending over and lower back pump stuff. Also this morning my daughter and I went to the mall to try and find clothes for her hair dressing school. We were there for hours and I lost the will to live early on in the adventure. I did pick up some cute shorts though.

BO BB rows

SSB Box squat

Paused bench
116-1 with signals
121-2x1 also with signals. I did it twice because I think my butt came up the first time.

I skipped the rest of the accessory stuff. Earlier today a local gym owner dropped off a flyer for a squat contest they’re doing tomorrow. We went by to see the rules. I think I’ll do it. There’s money prizes and, apparently I stand a decent chance of doing well even though there are no weight classes. If it were deadlift I’d pass this close to a meet but a few squat singles won’t be an issue. The starting weight for women is 95lbs. However if some monster size women show up they’ll clean my clock. Regardless, it should be a laugh. I’ll post the results.


Good luck at the contest tomorrow!

I cometely understand this!


What I thought was even funnier was ‘but I bought a pair of cute shorts’, lol


Being female I wouldn’t touch that comment with a ten foot pole…lol
Been there, done that!


I was looking for shorts and if I left without any after all those hours I would have been pretty salty.


I had a blast at the fun squat party.

There weren’t a ton of women. I think 8 in total. Like usual I was both the oldest and the smallest. I weighed 125 this morning I placed 5th.

We all started at 95lbs. It went
205 Added belt
245 This is a PR for me at this body weight. It was ugly and hard. I passed on any more attempts. I tied with another woman at this weight and they offered a tie breaker to rep out 135. I passed on that and let her take fourth place. My back was lit up like crazy,.

The top weight was hit by an Olympic lifter 275lbs. I think she weighed 160. We had been talking weight classes and qualifiers in our respective sports.

One woman got really angry when she wasn’t coming up and the spotters pulled the bar off her and she fell backwards. Clearly she had never competed because she had no idea spotters did that. She yelled and swore and carried on. If it were my event, I would have refunded her entry fee and told her to gtfo.

Regardless, it was a fun event.


Congrats on the PR!
160 is hell and gone from 125! Glad you had fun!


Based on wilks she would have had to squat 295 at 160 to be equivalent to 245 at 125. That’s how I console myself :slight_smile: Regardless it was fun talking to different people and having a laugh.


The gym where they had to squat party is around the corner from my house. I’m considering joining for a few months over the summer. The owner is pushing us to join and actually walked the flyer for the contest to our house to let us know about it.

They expanded recently and added two very nice deadlift platforms, a bunch of benches and a super kick ass Ninja warrior type set up with a climbing wall and all sorts of funky swinging grippy things over thick gymnastics mats for the inevitable falls. It would make a nice change for a bit and a chance to get out of the house.


Sounds like fun! I’m jealous!


You done good. Your “it was ugly and hard” remind me of an old A10 units motto, “Go ugly early”.


They posted the video of the top lifts at the squat party. Mine is at 48 seconds and is so slow lasts until after the minute mark I think :frowning:


Thanks for sharing! That looked like fun!


You looked great. Were their any kind of groupings or was it just heaviest takes it? And a couple of times the spotters scared me.


It was heaviest takes it so I went in at a considerable disadvantage. Most of the women were quite a bit bigger than me.